How to Save on Buying Meat

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Dot:

Once a month I go to our local Save-a-Lot for their weekend meat sale. I purchase family packs of meat in quantities to last the entire month. When I get home I repackage the meat into much smaller portions and then freeze them.

When dinner time comes around I pull out these smaller portions of meat and cook them up. By cutting the meat into smaller pieces (i.e., cubing chicken, slicing steak), I have been able to cut way back on our meat consumption without my husband noticing, or worse, complaining.

In doing way I've been able to spend about $40 a month on meat, including beef, chicken, and pork.

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We purchase meat in larger quantities as well. It definitely helps with the budget! To save time, I also separate the meat into dinner-size portions.

I then marinate it immediately using my favorite teriyaki meat marinade (you can try the Faky-aki marinade recipe too!). When the meat thaws, it is marinating and will be ready for dinner time! You can see me in action freezing meats in marinade too :)

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