Saving Today for the Holidays

I'm excited to begin a new assignment as one of four bloggers currently writing for the SC Johnson Family Economics blog!! I'd love it if you checked out my first article that's up now, Saving Today for the Holidays. Please add your thoughts on the post about what you to to get your budget ready to have more cash at Christmas.

Over the next few months, I will be sharing articles on the Family Economics Blog sharing tips for the area I know the most about, “More with Less.” There are some other great sections to the blog discussing on other areas: House and Home, Food, and Organizing (I need help in all three of those areas myself!). I bet you'll even recognize a few of the contributors too!

This week's posts have some great tips:

How to Create Decorative Chess Sets ~ adorable!

One Stop Child Binders ~ genius!

Time and Money Saving Cookie Dough Trick ~ love it!

Feel free to add your tips on each post too! So many good suggestions and inspiration!

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  1. Cookie Dough Trick was a wonderful share ~ never really thought of doing this one :-)

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