Save Those Envelopes

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Jaime:

If you use a bill pay service with your local bank and don't need to use the return envelopes that come with your monthly bills to remit your payment, don't pitch the return envelopes that come with those bills – save them and reuse them!!!

I especially like the envelopes that have the clear cover over the return address. I save these and reuse them to send lunch money into the school for my kids lunches. There are also many other ways to use these envelopes. If they are going to send them to me for free, I am going to use them and not have to pay for envelopes!

I just did this on Friday! I rarely purchase envelopes since we love using bill pay!

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  1. I like to recycle them using them to store my weekly shopping coupons. Make the shopping list on the outside of the envelope and store the coupons to be used that trip inside!

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