Give Experiences or Services to Save Money

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Carrie:

To save money on buying gifts, just more things to take up space, and/or to spread out your expenses try giving gift certificates for experiences or services. You can make and print some beautiful gift certificates from free online sites.

Your children could give a gift certificate for a special movie overnight with a friend along with a big pancake breakfast or a gift certificate to join your family on a special outing. For a new mom you could create your own babysitting coupons or bring a dinner a week for a month.

You could give a friend a certificate to clean their house or for a membership in your very own dessert of the month or muffin of the month club. Then you could deliver something special and homemade to your friend every month for however long you promised in the beginning.

Be creative!! It's a way to save money AND make memories AND spend more time with those who are precious to you.

What experiences or services have you given to help you save?
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