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Patti shared this tip in April to save more on Christmas. So it is definitely one that will help you save! I just purchased my niece a shirt this weekend for her Christmas gift. I double checked her size to ensure I was purchasing the right size for Christmas, since it is a few months away. I find that is easier to do before kids hit the teen stage (anyone else have kids that have grown 2 shoe sizes in 6 months?!).

This is also a great strategy to use for people who are really hard to purchase for, like my friends. They have everything and don't really need anything. So, finding different things when they are on sale help me get them a unique gift that is also within my budget.

With older kids who are into electronics, always keep an eye out for the B2G1 FREE deals on video games. There will be great discounts on electronics too. While the new year is a great time to buy, there are other deals that rival those prices during the year so you can grab them within a few months of Christmas.

Shopping the sales helps you fight the insanity in stores too. I usually do all my shopping online just so I can avoid this. So, not only will this tip help you save more money, you should have more sanity as well (results not guaranteed!).

Visit Happy Housewife to learn how to make a vintage tea towel. There are always great sales on towels throughout the year so you can be ready to make this homemade Christmas gift!

What gifts do you regularly find and purchase throughout the year?
Find more ways to save MORE money on Christmas!

I'd love to hear your tips and suggestions for saving more for Christmas expenses! Submit your best savings tip specific to Christmas and Holiday Savings on the Everyday Savings Tips form. You'll be entered to win the $50 cash price each week too!

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