Frugal Drink for Dining Out: DIY Lemonade

Photo from The Happy Housewife. She has several great lemon recipes too!

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Sharman:

All of us like to eat out once in a while. What can really drive the final bill up are the beverages. Many restaurants are now charging almost $3 for ice tea, coffee, lemonade, etc.

To minimize the bill, simply order water with lemon. Squeeze the lemon into your water and add sweetener. You now have a free glass of lemonade! Saving almost $6 for two people adds up quickly.

I have SO done this! Because, seriously… it tastes just the same and the kids can't tell the difference at all!

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  1. Ok, ignoring the fact that this is a notoriously cheapskate move – well known in the service industry – those lemons are chock full of bacteria. Yuck. I’ll just drink water. No lemon.

  2. I don’t like the tatse of lemon in my water, but this gave me an idea of my own: I went out and bought some of those sugar-free drink packets that you put in a bottle of water and now I keep a package of them in my purse to add to water at restaurants. They cost $1 for a packet of 8, which is still 12 cents compared to the $2-3 you would pay for a drink at the restaurant.

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