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The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Allison:

When I returned to graduate school, not only did I need to reconfigure my budget on a GA salary, but I also needed to figure out how to get all of my textbooks affordably.

I use the website What makes this website so useful is that it searches all online book sellers for you, and then shows the prices from low to high, including shipping. The table of results also tells you whether or not the site is selling or renting the book, and if it a new or used copy.

After selecting the seller you want, just click on the link and you're on your way to saving money on books. Not only does this site all you to find the best price, it also saves a ton of time!

This is a great idea! I used eCampus in the past to purchase books inexpensively. This sounds like an option definitely worth checking out if you need to purchase books!

How do you save everyday?
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  1. Amazon Student!! It’s free, and similar to a Prime membership in that you get free shipping on *almost* everything. This alone saved us hundreds throughout undergrad and my master’s programs as well as my husband’s degree.

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