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eBay is more than just auctions! I was surprised too. Last year you may have noticed during Black Friday and Christmas that they offered some really great deals on various items. The prices were competitive with major retailers too for new items. But don't “discount” them for being a legit resource for purchasing used items.

When you shop on eBay from any seller, always check the feedback rating and comments. The closer to 100% the better. For me, this will determine whether I will even bid on an item.

You also have to watch out for the dates the sellers joined eBay. Some scam artists get on eBay, create an account that day and put up an auction in hopes of just getting your cash. Luckily eBay has a GREAT customer protection program so you are typically safe (especially when you pay via Paypal) but keep an eye out on that too.

If you are purchasing used items on eBay, check the description and pictures thoroughly. There may be one minor thing that you assume which may not necessarily be in the auction. We were looking to purchase an Insanity workout DVD set and was fine with getting a used set. Some used sets didn't come with the bonus materials, which explains why those bids were coming in a little under.

Again, just watch those details so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Once you win the auction, rescinding your offer can give you a negative buyer rating.

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What are your best eBay shopping tips?
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