DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Holiday and party decorations are getting mighty expensive these days. I LOVE to change it up a bit….You MUST try these.

Tissue Paper Flower Supplies

:: Scissors
:: Tissue Paper
:: Rubberband
:: Ruler

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Lay out 2 layers of tissue paper in the color/colors of your choice. Cut horizontal and vertical so you will end up with 4 even piles of tissue. Stack the 4 piles on top of each other.

{Step 2} Fold the paper accordion style about 1/2″ thick similar to making a paper fan.

{Step 3} Place a rubber band on the middle of the folded tissue.

{Step 4} Cut the tips of the accordion in any style you want. I prefer a scallop edge to make it more flowery. A pointed edge can give it a more modern feel.

{Step 5} Separate the tissue paper one sheet at a time. To create a ball shape, pull half of the layers toward the top of the flower and the other half toward the bottom. Repeat with the other side of the folded paper. Scrunch a bit to fill in any gaps.

Project Cost

The cost of these ADORABLE puffs of color is virtually nothing. Most people have tissue paper laying around the house from past gifts. If not….start saving NOW. I am the crazy gal at family gatherings always scooping up the used tissue paper before it lands in the garbage. A easy way to make your stockpile grow.

If you had to buy tissue paper, find it at your local discount store for around $2.99 for a large pack of 30.

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on April 09, 2013

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