Coupons – What’s the Dealio?

I was a coupon snob – YES, “Oh no, I don't use coupons!”… mom laughs about it now because I'm playing this coupon game as good or even better than she ever did (she's received several pointers from me already).

In case you're like, “Well, where do I get these coupons?” I thought I would fill you in on how I procure mine! I get my coupons primarily from the Sunday paper. I subscribe to the paper so it's more cost-effective for us – and I subscribe to the largest paper (for us, it's the Enquirer) because sometimes they have different coupons in different papers and you're better off to get the one with the largest distribution. Check this site out to see what circulations are available for your area if you need to subscribe.

I also am not ashamed to ask people for their coupons so I can have my own little stash. Sometimes my MIL is kind enough to save her papers for me too so I'll have hers and mine, and..well, you get the picture.

I buy coupons off ebay (Yeap, they sell everything) for things that I need to stock up on. For example, last month, campbell's chicken noodle soup was on sale at Meijer. Well, with coupons (and doubling since they double) I was able to get one can of soup for .25 – that's cheaper than any off-brand I've ever seen!

Another important thing to remember, most stores in our area will double your coupons at face value up to $1. So, a .50 coupon will double to $1 and a .40 will double to .80…you get it. So, that can add up if you have several of those in one transaction.

Most drug stores will not double coupons (i.e., CVS and Walgreens) but they have their own game that we'll talk about in the days ahead..I promise it's information that will keep you HOOKED for life!

So, I hope you've enjoyed this snack! This one is sure to save you some money!

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  1. BaileyAKA says:

    Hey – what do you mean that most stores will “double your coupons” if they’re under $1? I’ve never heard of that… Is that typical of most areas?? I must hear more!!

  2. Bailey – depending on your store/region, many stores have a “double” coupon policy. If you have a coupon for $.50, they’ll double that up to $1 and you will have $1 deducted from your total instead of $.50. A coupon of $.75 face value will double to $1 but not exceed that value. I shop at Meijer (Ohio region) and Kroger and both stores offer double coupons. So, that $.50 coupon is actually a buck waiting to spend. That’s where the real savings comes in. The drugstores do not double, but as I’ve said, they have their own rewards programs. But, when you’re grocery shopping these double coupons can save a lot of money!

    I hope that answered your question. Let me know if you have others!!

  3. I’m also an Ohio Kroger shopper… Does doubling only happen on certain days, do you have to ask the cashier to double your coupons, is there a secret handshake, or does it happen automatically?

    1. Michelle, as far as I know all Kroger stores double coupons everyday. The register will double them for you automatically, no handshake required (that made me LOL). But, to be safe check with your store on the policy for them. I heard some stores are no longer doing unlimited doubles (as my store still does) and they are being subjective with the amount they will double. HTH!

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