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I have been selling items on eBay for years! I haven't sold a lot lately but used to sell a few items each week. It is really the easiest place to start selling.

It does take some time to know the lay of the land there. For example, if you are shipping stuff, how much do you charge for shipping or do you offer it for FREE? You can ship many packages at a flat rate with USPS, which is what I always did. You can also get a postal scale and free postage from This is how I acquired my postal scale. Once you established the shipping, everything else is easy peasy in my opinion!

Here are a few other tips to selling on eBay:

{1} Take good photos. Since the auction is about potential sellers seeing something without “seeing” it, the pictures are extremely important. Use a free photo editing software like PicMonkey if you need to touch up photos.

{2} Offer a great description of the item. Put in every single detail imaginable. They can always ask extra questions but if you give them all the information upfront, they will have confidence in the auction and can quickly bid.

{3} Request buyers to leave feedback after the sale. You want to increase your seller rating as quickly as possible. Reciprocate by leaving a positive rating for them as a buyer. This is frequently done.

Now what do you sell? Well that is up to you. Look around your house. I'm sure you will find something to test as a first auction. Be sure to research other auctions similar to your own as well so you can see what types of information those buyers are including that you may want to consider adding to yours as well.

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Do you sell on eBay? Got any other tips (or questions)?
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