Save Money and Time: Make Healthy Snacks Ahead

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Sarah of Making Cooley Stuff:

I have found that the problems I have with eating healthy snacks are 1) they tend to be more expensive and 2) they tend to take more time to prepare. Well, I don't have a lot of money and I don't have a lot of time, and when I'm hungry I want to EAT NOW. So I came up with a money and time saving solution.

On Sunday evenings, I spend some time making healthy snacks ahead of time. I…

  • Pre-package nuts into baggies.
    I make sure to only put the recommended serving inside.
  • Make hard-boiled eggs for a quick protein fix.
  • Pre-cut and pre-package fruits and vegetables.
  • Make smoothies and store in mason jars.
    Each mason jar smoothie has a 6-ounce package of yogurt, 1/2 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of sliced fruit (strawberries or blueberries). This saves time since I don't have to get the blender out every time. You can even freeze the smoothies, but I haven't needed to because they get eaten within a few days in my house!

This saves me money because I don't have to spend a lot of money on healthy pre-packaged foods, and it saves time because I don't have to stop and make a snack every time I'm hungry. And we all know time=money!

What other time and money saving tips do you have?
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