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Now to the middle section navigation review of Savings Lifestyle. This is the “meat” of where the savings really lies.

The blue ribbon right underneath the site name and logo is called a navigation bar. The navigation bar is clickable, meaning you can click on any title and it will go directly to that page with more details. This may change periodically but for now the menu items include:

Store Deals

This allows you to quickly go to the coupon policy and/or FAQ on a featured store as well as the most recent store deals for the week.

Coupon Database

If you need to find other coupons for products that may not have made a store list since it wasn't on sale, this is the place to check!

Free Stuff

We find freebies all the time. We share them with a new post frequently. To make it easy for you to find freebies of specific interest to you, this free stuff page allows you to search the freebies by name. Click, request and wait for your freebie to arrive!

Strategies to Save and Strategies to Earn

This page highlights some of our most popular posts on both saving and earning money.

I often say that coupons were just a catalyst for me to save in so many other areas of my life. These pages include a great list of posts I've previously written, and even some shared by my awesome readers, to inspire ways to save AND earn a little money!

Ask Questions Here

If you have a question related to saving or couponing, ask it using this form. I answer the questions as quickly as I can! You can always ask questions on the Savings Lifestyle Facebook page too!

The middle section of the site is where you will find all of the daily posts listed under the category headers.

When you click on the category header, it will take you to all the posts written in the past several days related to this category. It's an easy way to scroll through quickly to see what has been posted to see if it's of interest to you.

The four most recent posts are constantly showing up on the home page. You can click on each post title and go directly to that post to read more details. Again, this was designed this way to help you click, read and save more quickly!

The posts on Savings Lifestyle will always fall into one of a few overarching categories:


All new coupons shared will always be in this category. Just a few include grocery coupons, retail coupons and dining deal coupons. The grocery coupons tend to expire quickly so it's always a good idea to check regularly to see what you will want to print before they are gone!

Best Deals

Whenever there is a good deal not related to the other categories, they will be placed here. These deals tend to expire quickly so you will definitely want to check the site frequently to see the offers posted daily. If you find a deal you want to share, feel free to let us know!

Everyday Shopping

Anything related to your everyday shopping at grocery stores, drugstores or big box stores will be published in this category.

Whenever there is an update to that store's deals for the week, these are also posted in this category. We do a separate post with unadvertised deals so you know we have found other deals. When there are updates, we also update the weekly store deals post to reflect all of the updates as well so you can just look at one post rather than several.

The main post for the week are always titled similar to this:

CVS Deals: Sale Week of September 4

So when you look in this category you can quickly find the post titled similar to this and know that all the unadvertised deals found and other updates are also reflected in the post.

You can find a listing of each store scheduled posting day of the week here. Most are actually posted BEFORE the sale officially begins!

Home and Life

Whenever we share a recipe, a DIY project, giveaways, family fun deals or other topics related to home or life, you can find them here! Go a family favorite recipe or easy DIY project, share it with us!

Strategies to Save

Any topics related to saving will be posted in this section. Feel free to share your Best Savings Tips with us and we will share it with the Savings Lifestyle community too!

Strategies to Earn

Any topics related to earning money will be found in this category. I have a list of online survey companies I have used before. If you have a legitimate way you have earned money while working from home, we want to hear about it too! You can share it here.

That was a lot of information but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Tomorrow I will share the rest of the site navigation with you.

Stay tuned!


P.S., I am a bit biased but I do believe we have the BEST readers anywhere! I love hearing from you so please feel free to click through the daily posts you receive and leave a comment. Or, definitely share your best savings tip, recipe or DIY project. Will you let me share how awesome you are with the rest of the Savings Lifestyle community?!

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