Strategies to Earn

After being home with the kids for a while, I had a desire to contribute to the family finances again. I researched various ways to earn money while I cared for the kids. At the time, the ideas could not be about getting an outside job. Staying home was where I was supposed to be for our season of life.

These strategies I utilize are simple and effective. You won't become a millionaire, but you will find ways to earn that are doable if you want enough to pay for a coffee, or even put aside for Christmas each year (as I do)!

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Online Surveys

After much research, I found many great online survey companies that offered payment and rewards. I share the benefits for the various sites with my own personal experience.

Get Paid to Shop and Search Online

This is probably the single biggest thing I wish I had learned a long time ago! I never shop online without earning cash back on a purchase. Likewise, I never do a search without there being a benefit for me. These companies are great and I have been a member of a few of them for years!

Sell Books for Cash

If you have several books lying around, check out this informative post to see if they are worth anything!


It is possible to be environmentally conscious and earn from it! An extensive post about how you can earn coupons for FREE products, Gift Cards or even donate funds to your local school all for recycling.

Earn Referral Credit Without a Blog

So many sites offer referral credits now, it's ridiculous not to take advantage of them if you really enjoy that site. Check out the tips to help you earn a little bit of money even if you don't have a blog.

Bloggers: Monetize Your Blog

After blogging for a while, I began to earn money. It was never something I thought existed, so it was a complete blessing when it started to happen. These are all resources I am currently doing myself. If Im going to do something I am passionate about (single most important thing for blogging in my opinion), why not do it and get paid too!