Strategies to Save

Saving Together

Save money on what you need so you can spend more on what you want.

I'm not a fan of drastic anything, you will not find that type of behavior or suggestion from me ever. I believe that small changes turn into a huge outcome. I have a few strategies I have shared since starting Mommy Snacks. These strategies will help you pay for what you need, save on those purchases and even earn on what you bought!

As I left Corporate America several years ago, frequent analysis of our family finances was imperative to living in a one-income household. Finding ways to save has always been a part of my life. Not near as much as it is today.

Fast forward a year, our youngest son faced surgery. I started couponing. Using coupons did more than just save us money – it changed the way I looked at the consumer goods we bought and our usage of those items. I started to be even more strategic about our purchases, planning every single transaction. I still do. There is a way to shop more effectively so your savings are huge! I will share my tips with you to help simplify the process!

Everything I share is always FREE – always has and always will. I hope it inspires and empowers you to save and earn for yourself. Pay it forward for someone else who needs the inspiration too!

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Beginner's Guide to Saving

A guide to help you begin to shop with coupons. Seven simple steps help to break apart couponing so you can save like you have never thought was possible.

Coupon Abbreviations and Lingo

You will see many different terms we use here. Making yourself familiar with all of the ECB, RR, SS, YMMV talk will help you be less confused!

Coupon Database

Do you ever wonder where I find the information for the dates and locations of coupons? Well, I have a secret that you can use too. It's all in my Coupon Database! Search the database to find any coupon you could want. It's an amazing resource that is SURE to help you save!

Tips to Request Freebies

Who doesn't love a Freebie??!! I share a few tips to consider as you request freebies to ensure it's done safe and protecting your personal information.

Free Stuff Page

Getting Free Stuff is a strategy – not one that is too difficult to meet either! Check out the Mommy Snacks Free Stuff page devoted to all the best legit Freebies around the web!

Other Ways to Utilize the Free Business Cards

Business Cards aren't just for business anymore! Well, they actually are since “business” means exchanging important information with the most important customers in your life – your family! I offer a few suggestions for ways to utilize the Free Business Card deals shared, as well as where to get them for FREE!

Free Recipe Sites

You will learn how to purchase more than enough heatlhy food utilizing the Beginner's Guide to Saving strategies. But, what are you gonna cook? Well, I will help you as you go through a comprehensive list of Free Recipe Sites and some of my personal favorite Recipe/Food blogs on the net!


Several files to help with planning meals, tracking savings, even using the popular Google Documents site. This is where you would also find a list of sites who have bloggers post their giveaways. All great resources!

Saving Money on Printer Ink

I never buy brand new printer cartridges anymore. I do the math and show you how effective and economical remanufactured printer cartridges are.

Saving on Big Ticket Purchases

I share my strategy to save on more expensive items. If there is ever a way to save, by earning cash back, I try. Shopping smart feels so much better, especially when you can save a lot!

Expired Coupons Help Military Save

While this doesn't directly help you save, it does help those who do the most honorable position save – our Military! Do you often wonder what to do with the coupons when they expire? This snack shares how our overseas military can use expired coupons to help save money too.

25 Ways I Save

I save a TON using coupons, but there are other ways I save that has helped us baby step our way out of debt! Take a peek and share some of the ways you save. You just might inspire someone to try something different!