Frugal Freezer Tips

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Andrea:

I often find clearance items in meat & dairy at the store. When it is an item I have a coupon for then it's a no brainer!

Even if there isn't a coupon, and the discount is deep enough, I will buy it. I freeze everything! Always look for freezer bags on sale so when you come in from the store you can transfer into a freezer bag.

I especially like to freeze yogurt and uncooked pasta! These are always cheap or free, and frozen yogurt replaces ice cream at our house. While pasta has a decent shelf life, the bags take up so much less space and the freezer prevents the chance of bugs!

When in doubt, or on the final countdown to expiration, FREEZE IT!!

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  1. I found these freezer bags on line by accident,
    I ordered a box and they are awesome. they are the
    best bags ever. the pre-print info on the bags is genius.
    check out the link:

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