First Day of School Printable Signs

First Day of School Signs

Our oldest son is going into high school this year. Our youngest will be in Kindergarten. And, then there's our middle son who will be in 4th grade.

Seriously, I cannot believe it!

As many other parents on the first day of school, we take a picture of our boys. I saw the cute signs made last year and thought I'd have some made as a free download for everyone this year. That way, you know the exact year instead of guessing at the pictures, which we often do.

Side story. Our nephew and our oldest son have had their picture taken together on the first day of school since they were in pre-school! We will do it again this year as they go into high school as Freshman. 

You can download all of the grade-level signs at the links below. Yes, I included a college sign. Sorry to my kids in advance, but I will be taking that pic too!


Fast forward a few years, and our oldest is now IN COLLEGE! I sure did have him take a picture holding his first day of school sign (below) when we dropped him off at college last Fall. Well, he was holding the sign on my phone since I forgot the sign I printed off. I guess I had just *a few* things to remember that morning for the long drive! Anyway, I fully intend to have him hold this sign now for his last day of college too!

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You asked for it! Now, we have the matching Last Day of School Signs too!

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  1. Glory Hallelujah! I spent WAY too much time scrolling through Pinterest for last minute (of course) school signs. I clicked at least 5 different sites and couldn’t figure out how to download the stinking signs, or the image went to another website, or good grief people, make it easy! (THANK YOU for making it easy!)

  2. Thank you for this free printable. My grandson starts kindergarden tomorrow and I needed a cute and easy “first day” printable to download and print. Yours is perfect!!

  3. Jackie S. says:

    These signs are too cute! Do you happen to have matching last day signs?

      1. Did you ever create the matching last day ones?

  4. Love this resource! I’ve been coming back to it for the past 3 years! Thank you so much!

  5. Nicole Vatnsdal says:

    I love these signs! These are great and don’t take a ton of ink to print. I printed them for my Kindergarten and 1st grade boys first day of school tomorrow. I also have a preschooler, but he will be in preschool 2 years. Will you have a sign that just says 1st Day of Preschool? His first day is on August 31st. Looking forward to seeing your last day of school signs also. Thanks so much!

    1. Nicole, I will have to work with my designer and add one that specifically says preschool. I didn’t think to add one with that language because we always call preschool pre-K here. It may be a few weeks unfortunately since her schedule is busy.

  6. Thanks so much for these amazing signs!! Any chance you would be willing to make them also for last day of school?

  7. Nicole Vatnsdal says:

    Did you end up making a set of “Last Day of School signs” to match these? I have been searching for them, but have not been able to find them. Please let me know as of course my boys last day of school is tomorrow. Thanks so much!

  8. I love your first day of school signs, do you also make the last day of school sign I’d like to keep them consistent. And I’d love your design, thank you so much!

    1. Maddy, thanks for stopping by! I need to get with my designer and get those last day of school signs made already! Everyone seems to love them!

  9. School ends tomorrow Thursday, June 17 I wish I could have the last day of school sign before then. In any case I love your signs and thank you so much for posting.

      1. I just stopped by to print first day of 3rd Grade sign and I’m so thrilled to see the Last Day of School signs! Thank you so much ♥️

      2. Maddy, YAY!!! So glad you’ve found them helpful. And, I’m glad to finally have those last day of school signs now too. I don’t want to rush the school year but at least we’ll be prepared :)

  10. You’re making me looking on my game again this year Andrea!

  11. My kids were in school 4 days before Hurricane Harvey hit. We will miss at least 11 school bed returning. Texas needs some “First Day of ___ Grade: Take 2” signs.

    1. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry! I hope your home didn’t have too much damage, and, more importantly, that your family is safe! Yes, the “Take 2” signs would be funny!

  12. Lyndsey Wedll says:

    Really wishing you had matching Last day signs!!

  13. Thank you for sharing these!

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