Get Employee Discounts With a Part-Time Job

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Stephanie:

I few years ago I discovered my love for Old Navy. They have nice prices but don't necessarily give out lots of coupons and discounts, so I decided to get a part time job there to receive the employee discount.

I only worked 2 days a month and it was actually quite refreshing for me, it was a nice getaway. I made money and also received 30% off all purchases in addition to whatever sales and discounts were going on. It was just a great way to keep up a nice wardrobe for my son who was only a few months at the time, and for me who was on my quest of losing 80 pounds!

The key is it only being a part time job. Its not meant to overwhelm you or interfere with your life.  If they can't work with your schedule and only give you a few days a month then I would say its not worth it.

Also, this isn't something to “feed” a shopping problem, it can be used for everything you need … A job at a toy store for christmas presents, a job at Kohls to decorate your house, a job at Ikea for furniture, a job at Best Buy for a new computer… You can apply it anywhere.

How do you save on those items you need to purchase?
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  1. Mitchell @ My Frugal Tech says:

    Great tip! My mom works for a sporting goods store, which also has a large clothing and shoes section, so we can save on our apparel with her employee discount too.

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