Duke Energy Free Light Bulbs!

Free? Yes, please!

Duke Energy customers can get Free CFL Light Bulbs! This is only for eligible customers so you'll need to verify your eligibility. You can either check eligibility online or call the Duke Energy Savings Line at  1-800-943-7585 (Press Option #1 and #1 again).

I just checked and we were eligible to get 15! We could choose to take as few as we wanted now. I went ahead and requested all of them!  It stated to allow for 4-6 weeks for delivery.

It sounds like if you have previously received Free CFL's through Duke Energy, you may not be eligible again. Doesn't hurt to try!

Thanks, Emily (who is very pregnant with twinsies) and Savings Bits and Pieces!

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  1. I’d already received free light bulbs once, but I got 12 more–and they came in less than a week! Between these and freebies at Target, I’m set for awhile!

  2. It said that my state did not participate, I’m in Northeren KY ??

  3. Sweet! I got 15 too. I have not heard good things about the CFLs… but for free we will try them.

  4. This is an awesome offer!!!!! Thank you for the heads-up!

  5. Northern KY: not qualified. :(

  6. Note that wen were told we did not qualify because we already used our past certificates for free lightbulbs at Walmart and reached the qualifying limit.

  7. I just did this and qualified for 12. Thanks for letting us know.

  8. Thanks Duke I qualified for 15 they really do save .

  9. Greg Ciliberti says:

    I live in a fairly big home with lots of lights and only got three measley bulbs! Big deal. What a disapointment!

    1. Really, Greg? My friend and I got about 20 of them in a big box. I wonder how they determine that? They are only 20 watts though so they aren’t real effective in high traffic areas.

  10. Bill Smedlund says:

    I have had two of your CFL light bulbs burn out with less than five to ten hours each??????
    Ant idea why????

  11. Harolyn Parker says:

    Thank you. For helping me save on my Duke Energy bill. I am retired and every little savings helps us seniors.

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