Buying Coupons on Ebay and Clipping Services

Where to Buy Coupons Online

Yes, eBay sells everything! And, in an effort to get my grocery budget as low as possible, I purchase extra coupons through clipping services like Ebay and several others!

Why Order Extra Coupons

There are times when it's just smart to purchase coupons. Actually, you are paying for the person's time to cut, clip and mail you the coupons. There may be a really hot sale you want to stockpile.

For example, when Kroger had the sale on Chex Mix for $1, I purchased coupons and got at least 20 bags. My Kroger doubles all coupons up to $.50. So, that coupon doubled making my Chex Mix FREE!!! I was able to build a stockpile that lasted us until the next sale.

I publish the ad preview for CVS and Walgreens every Thursday before the sale week starts. I try to get you the information in advance so you can see if there are coupons available to purchase.

I usually wait until Sunday when I have had time to review other store ads to see if there are other coupons I need to get (so I can just make one purchase). But, if CVS or Walgreens have a really great FREEbie coming up, I will make my order that Thursday because chances are those coupons will be gone come Sunday (crazy, indeed!).

Where To Order Coupons

You can see I have several coupon clipping service sites in my side bar. These are all legitimate sites that I have used or I know others who have used them.

Before I place an order, I try to find the service that has all the coupons I need to order. So, I may actually check several of these sites before I place my order. It's just less shipping and handling if you process it that way in one order. These coupon clipping services are:

The Coupon Clippers

I also use Ebay to order coupons. Yeap, Ebay sells everything!

How to Order Coupons

It's really easy with the coupon clipping sites I mentioned above. You simply search the site for the coupons and place your order. However, a lot of people are intimidated with Ebay.

Here are a few pointers if you are new to Ebay shopping (written specifically for coupon shopping):

Use the Search Button

Do a search for the specific name of the coupon you want.

Read the Auction

Make sure the coupon quantity is what you really want. For example, some Cottonelle coupons are for $.50 on ONE and others are for $.50 on TWO.

Be sure to inspect what the value and quantity is before you bid! That is sometimes the difference between getting it for FREE and actually paying for it! *Paying with Paypal is the easiest way to pay (don't worry it's safe :-)

Buy It Now

Buy it Now auctions are the fastest and easiest way to order. Since sales are only 7 days, I always use this method to ensure I receive my coupons in time for the sale. There has never been a time I have not received my coupons in time for a sale!


Consider this (of course) when making a purchase because if an auction is priced too high, you may be better off passing on the deal or using a clipping service (above).

Generally, you can get 10-20 coupons for $1-$2. Sometimes you can get FREE shipping or reduced shipping costs if you order multiple auctions – that's the value in ordering all of your coupons from one seller.

Are Printable Coupons Available?

Many times there are printable coupons available (you can see my list of Internet Printable Coupon Sites). I have found that when I pull together a few friends and tell them I want a certain printable, I manage to get more than enough. This generosity of my friends (love you girls) helps so I don't have to order any!

Also, NEVER order coupons that are internet printables! You cannot tell if they were copied (illegally) and you can probably print them yourself. So, only order actual coupons clipped from the paper or other paper sources.

Learn more about the different types of coupons and
how to use coupons in our Free Online Coupon Course.

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  1. mom_of2boys says:

    I’m with you on purchasing coupons. I usually use ebay and purchase multiples from the same seller to save on shipping. I don’t do it too often. I purchased a few last week (All Detergent) and then a few on Sunday. I’ll save a lot more with the coupons than what it cost me to purchase them!!

  2. Definitely sounds intriguing! Do you have a specific seller that you use on Ebay or do you just do a search for the coupons you are looking for at the time? Are the coupons sold mostly in “lots” or singles and are they usually just many copies of one coupon?

  3. Lori – I have a few sellers that I try to buy from frequently (they are kkswigs and tracey4975). They have proven to be reliable and ship extremely quick. They usually have what I want, but if they don’t then I just do a general search to see what’s available. I always look at the rating on any new sellers I buy from – I try to buy from people who are close to 100%.

    And, I buy mostly lots – usually of 10 which are paper coupons of the same value. But, sometimes they sell individuals on RX coupons to get a gift card for a RX fill or transfer). And, make sure they are Sunday Insert coupons too – some sellers try to sell internet printed ones that you can find somewhere yourself. The sellers I buy from never have those so you’d be safe if you looked at their auctions.


  4. Thanks! I’ll have to give this some consideration!!

  5. Thanks for letting me know about Big Crumbs. You got my referral!

  6. I love The Coupon Master too. Good tip I’ve realized is that when buying coupons for products I know I’ll get at CVS, especially those that often go on BOGO sales, I buy in multiples of 2 since you can use the coupon for the paid-for and the free product.

    So today I ended up getting maybe 6 Maybelline Great Lash $1/1 coupons from her web site. They should arrive by Saturday so I can still take advantage of the BOGO sale. If not, Great Lash is BOGO every other month it seems. I also picked up 4 $2/1 Revlon lip color coupons since Revlon lipsticks are often BOGO at CVS too.

    It saves me so much money! And I get way too excited when the coupons arrive in the mail! :)

  7. marin – thanks so much! We gotta save all we can thanks to those gas prices (loved the post you wrote up!!).

    erin – the coupon master is definitely another good one too! It just all depends on what I need, but they are super reliable and fast for me. I get sooo excited for mail now too! It’s like I’m opening a little present. It doesn’t take much nowadays :-)

  8. Becki (MLM - beckers) says:

    If I may leave a suggestion, always check the seller’s feedback score when ordering and stick to ordering coupons you recognize…such as, blinkies, peelies and Sunday insert coupons. I recently received some photocopied coupons from a seller and they were sold to many others as well.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I second kkswigs. I’ve ordered coupons from her many times before. Her prices are good, shipping is fast, and she often adds in some extra freebie coupons. And this is slightly off topic, but I just have to mention that I despise those who take a full stack of coupons found on displays at the grocery store and then sell them for profit on ebay. Personally, I think that’s really low.

  10. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Becki – good point! Yes, if it’s a new seller I’m buying from, I always check to ensure the seller rating is acceptable for me!

    And, I’m annoyed when people sell their blinkie/tearpad coupons too. Ahh…coupon karma, right?? :-)

  11. I would make one more suggestion, after you do a search, on the left side there is a “Location” option, you can narrow the location to within 50, 100 miles of your zip code. This MAY get your coupons to you faster!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I also wanted to add another suggestion….I have joined the trader group on hotcouponworld. You can trade actual coupons, or pay for the person’s time and effort to collect the coupons via paypal or with stamps just like ebay or clipping services. I have found some great coupons that have been sold out on ebay or the clipping services, and the forums are moderated so all trading is completely ethical and legit. You can also trade for printables with confidence since the forum is moderated. I just traded for some extra Huggies IP since you can only print 2 per computer. I do agree that you need to be careful with this, however.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have a question…..most of the coupons say void if sold etc???

  14. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Anonymous – yes, they do. But, you are technically paying for their time to cut, clip, mail you the coupons, not necessarily just the coupons.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone aware of a clipping service that buys coupons from individuals? I’m an avid clipper and belong to a local monthly exchange group. I have over 500 coupons to sell. I don’t want to start my own clipping company but would like to get paid for my clipping hobby! Thanks for all your suggestions.

  16. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Anonymous – I’m not aware of any clipping service that buys from individuals. But, you can always open up a store on ebay. It is super easy and a good way to make a few bucks on your hobby!

  17. Does anybody know where to buy the Sunday paper at a discounted price in the Cincinnati area? I called Deals and Dollar General, but they don’t offer it:(

    1. Naomi, I have never found a place that offers them discounted. I have heard that some stores will discount them on Monday, but I have never found those either!

    2. Naomi, right now the Cincinnati Enquirer is having a 1-year subscription special for $.99 per issue, delivered right to your home. It’s good for a year, and then after that your subscription will continue at the regular newsstand price, but you can always cancel. That’s a great deal for home delivery. Go to to subscribe.

  18. Watch out for bulk auctions on eBay. Make sure you know what coupons you are bidding on or buying. Sometime you are better off using a clipping service and get exactly the coupons you need.

    1. Sue, thanks for the advice. I generally order from the same sellers repeatedly so I have a relationship with them. But, I always look at the seller rating before I purchase anything as well.

  19. I would not recommend Coupon Dede. I never received an order from her, and when I e-mailed her to ask what happened to it, she said that it got scanned into a nearby shipping facility 2 weeks before so I must have received it. I e-mailed her back and told her I did not receive it and she basically told me tough luck.

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m sorry you had that experience. I’ve never had a poor experience with any of the clipping services I have mentioned above.

    2. Sarah,
      Dealing with lost or delayed orders is an extremely important part of any coupon clipping services customer service and I am personally sorry that my response to your inquiries made you feel as though I was saying, “Tough luck.” I never want a customer to feel that way and would encourage you to please contact us to give us a second shot at winning you back! If a change of our policies is in order then rest assured, I will do whatever I can to change it, making it fair for everyone.

      Please contact us so we can resolve this.

      Thank you,

  20. Great resource! Thank you so much for responding on twitter and sharing it with us! ;)

  21. Hi Andrea – I called the Monroe Kroger today to ask about their coupon policy – she told me they double all coupons daily up to $1 (this excludes manuf coupons that specify not to double, catalinas and ecoupons) – does this match what you have seen or been told?

    1. Jamie, yes. Although, they now have a little sign at the register that says they will only take 10 of the same coupons so that is a discrepancy in what they are telling folks.

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