Visit Bakery Outlets to Save on Bread

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Stephanie:

I am lucky enough to live close to the Klosterman Bakery Outlet, and since I have discovered it I haven't paid full price for bread in nearly 2 years!

This has saved me tons of money because whole wheat bread is around $3 a loaf, but at the bakery outlet you can get it 2 weeks before its expiration date for $0.50. If its one week before the expiration date you get it for $0.25!! I usually get 8 loafs at this price and freeze them. The bread is always soft and tastes just fine.

Also, every purchase entitles you to a free bag of 3 big whole wheat sweet rolls, which is a meal in itself because I hollow it out and make it into a bread bowl and my kids absolutely love it. Or we cut it in half, warm it up and spread butter on it, makes for a tasty breakfast. All for FREE!

They also have a frequent buyer card and for every $3 you spend you get a mark. After 12 marks you get $5 free to spend in the store! Between you and me, the nice little ladies working there always give me 4 or 5 marks on my card even if I only spent $2!

All in all, bakery outlets can save you tremendous money on bread, about $2.50 per loaf, plus the freebies they ad in. Depending on how much bread you use, this could add up quick!

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