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Today was our boy's first day of school. This summer has been challenging due to personal happenings in our life. Throughout the entire summer, I just kept telling myself it would be over before I knew it. And, it is.

It's truly bittersweet. Our youngest is now in all-day school as a first grader. Our middle son starts 4th grade. And, our oldest son is a freshman. I know, I know, I don't look old enough to have a high schooler. STOP already :-)

Like many families, we take the obligatory first day of school pictures. The one above was inspired by my friend, Melissa. I totally nailed it!

Oh, and if you're wondering where they got those signs, these are the First Day of School printables from Savings Lifestyle! You can print them for free and use in your own first day of school photos :)

T First Day

T is wearing an outfit he already had. I bought him a few new pair of basketball shorts but he wore khakis and a t-shirt. He had on his new Lebrons that I scored for under $100 – WOOT! That deal is still running so see if you can find some items in your size on clearance.

Caleb First Day of School

Caleb is brand new from head to toe. We went to Kohl's and only wanted to get one outfit for the first day of school but they had a killer clearance sale so I picked up a few pair of shorts for him. Plus, there was a Kohl's coupon so I saved even more!

I grabbed that Ohio State lunchbag on Zulily a while back. I do love their sales! I did splurge on his shoes this year since he really wanted Lebrons. I used a coupon from the Entertainment Book and saved $15 at least. Be sure grab the All You and Entertainment Book deal NOW and get a free book to use this year.

Side note: this kid lives and breathes Nike as you can tell. Call me Nike, PLEASE!!

Andon First Day of School

Since Kohl's had such great clearance I purchased a few items for Andon this year as well. Some will be for next year even. His t-shirt is so cute and I purchased that on Zulily a while back. In fact, I purchased several cute shirts from Zulily that he will be wearing this first week of school. I had some credits so there wasn't any out of pocket for me :) I also got his New Balance shoes from Zulily. He's like the Zulily back to school kid poster!

Also, do you notice his socks. They didn't match. I changed them after this pic.

His lunchbag is a reuse from when T was using it! It has to be at least 5 years old. I think I purchased from The Children's Place. I took a pic of the inside and added Andon's name to the cover. I love reusing items! His backpack is a reuse too. A Lands' End he got several years ago (remember the video). He's changed so much!

I wanted to share some important ones with you, like of my kids and all :) Please drop any of your first day of school pictures on the Back to School Facebook page too!

We will still be posting back to school sales here on the site through mid-September. I know many kids don't go back until after Labor Day. Hang in there moms and dads. It's almost time!

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