Several Ways to Save on Meat at the Grocery

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Richard:

Now matter what store you shop, high or low, they all mark down items. The stores I frequent all mark down their soon to be outdated meat items at a certain time of day. I find that most it is in the morning when the day time crew comes in and is getting ready to stock the shelves.

It seems in these economic times meat is moving slow, at least in our rural town so meat markdowns are plentiful. I drop my daughter at school and get over to my favorite store just in time for the meat department to get to dating the items.  I am seldom disappointed.

Know your store's routines. Know that shopping for markdowns isn't great around paydays. Hit those lean times in between.  Figure out the routines in the produce department too. Ask the manager of the departments and they will tell you. They don't want to discard items from their shelves.

I have purchased an extra freezer to capitalize on these store losses. Honestly if it wasn't for the markdowns we would be eating a lot less meat here too. Shop smart, save smart, eat better.

How do you save on protein or meat costs in your grocery budget?
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