Top 5 Tips to Shop and Save at Walgreens

Walgreens has changed their loyalty program several times over the years and this explanation now reflects those changes (and will continue being updated).

Current Sales and Promotions

Current list of Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC's)

Sale/Ad Week

The Walgreens sale is effective Sunday and lasts thru Saturday. You can find the current ad information online at

The Walgreens deals are posted on Savings Lifestyle by Thursday for the upcoming Sunday sale start.

Balance Rewards Program

walgreens balance rewards program

The Balance Rewards Program was created in September, 2012. You will need a card to receive all advertised prices, use in-store coupons and receive the promotional offers (request one here or in-store).

Once you earn 5,000 points, you may redeem them for a $5 reward (or discount on your purchase). The more points you accumulate, the more they’re worth. See the redemption values above.

Here are a few tips from Frugal Finders for shopping with the Balance Rewards program:

  • If you pay with points, you will still receive Register Rewards.
  • If you pay with Register Rewards, you will still receive points.
  • If you pay with points, you will not earn additional points.
  • If you pay with a W Card Store Credit, you will not earn points.
  • If the Balance Rewards program is offline, your points will post within 24 hours of the system coming back online. If they do not, see a store manager or call customer service.
  • Your Balance Rewards card must be entered into the transaction before in-ad coupons can be scanned.
  • Manufacturer’s coupons do not interfere with points earned; however, Walgreens coupons do interfere with points earned.
  • You may track your points at the register, online, or with your mobile device.
  • Points can be redeemed in stores or online.
  • Your current point balance will print on your receipt.
  • Didn’t get your points? See a store manager or contact customer service to have points manually added.
  • Points will not expire as long as members shop at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem their points within three years.

Walgreens Register Rewards

Walgreens pays you to shop with offering you Register Rewards (RR's). There are RR Offers that are listed in the Weekly Ad. When you make a purchase for an item that is offering RR's, you will receive the RR from the Printing Machine at the register. Be sure NOT to leave the store until you receive your RR!

Here is an example of a coupon match with a RR:

$6.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion (6.8 oz): $6.99 RR
$1.50 in the 8/2 SS Insert (exp 11/30)
Net Price $5.50 each | $1.50 Money-Maker after coupons/RR!

The $5.50 is what you will pay out of pocket. But, after you use your coupons and receive the Register Reward, it is like you are making $1.50 just by purchasing this item!

Register Rewards do NOT Roll

RR's cannot be used to pay for another SAME RR Offer. For example:

1. You earned a $2 RR for Chap Stick.

2. You cannot purchase more Chap Stick, pay will the $2 Chap Stick RR and get another $2 RR.

3. You CAN use the $2 RR you earned from the above Vaseline Lotion promotion to pay for the Chap Stick. In this scenario you would receive another $2 Chap Stick RR.

You could also use your RR to pay for more Chap Stick, but another RR will NOT print. Moral of the story, use your RR's to purchase other RR promotions that are different if you want to keep them rolling and maximize your savings.

Register Reward Printing Issues

Many people have had issues with their RR not printing and management tells them it is because coupons have been used. This is NOT a valid response since you CAN use coupons on your RR deals. If this happens to you, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure the items you purchased matched exactly as the RR Offer states in the ad.
  2. Check to see if the Register Reward Catalina Printing Machine has ink/paper.
  3. Ask the manager to resolve it in a way that is mutually acceptable. If the manager continues to state using coupons is the problem, then request a form (available at the store) to complete and mail in to the Register Reward Catalina Printing Machine Company (which may not work since the manager thinks he/she is doing the right thing).
  4. Call the Register Reward Catalina company @ 1-888-8coupon, option 3 and explain the situation and request resolution.
  5. Complete the online form found here to provide details of this transaction and await a response.

Walgreens Weekly Ad Coupons

The Weekly Ad offers store coupons to clip for discounts. These coupons can also be “stacked” or used in addition with any MFG coupons for additional savings.

Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC)

Walgreens has come back with the Instant Value Coupons, referred to in the coupon matches as IVC. These are great because they can also be “stacked” or used in addition to any MFG coupons for additional savings. Typically the IVC's have a month expiration date and are published at the beginning of each month. The expiration date is the only true difference in the IVC versus the Weekly Ad Coupon.

Coupon Limits

A RR is considered a store coupon. You must have an item to purchase for the total number of RR's and MFG Coupons you are going to use. If you purchased two bags of chips and used one RR PLUS 2 MFG Coupons, the register will beep since you only had two items and three coupons.

Also, to avoid any beeps at the register (and make the store happy), I hand my coupons to the cashier in this order, Walgreens Coupon Submission Order: RR, Walgreens Coupons/IVC's, MFG Coupons.

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Walgreens Corporate came out with an official Coupon Policy as of August, 2010. You can find more information on the Walgreens Coupon Policy here.

Any questions on shopping at Walgreens? Please leave a comment and I will answer you there :)

Walgreens sales are generally the same in all regions. Please always double check your ad.



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  1. Julie Wolfe says:

    One question that may be helpful to others to see your response. I just was at Walgreen’s trying the system for my first time. I bought 3 packages of their diapers, which should have given me a $5 RR; but it didn’t print and I didn’t notice until I was gone. What do you do when that happens?

  2. Julie – very good question! If you purchase an item that is advertised as being eligible for a RR, and the RR does not print, you can speak with the manager with the ad in hand and ask what they want you to do.

    Some managers will give you the cash value of the RR on the spot, some will put it on a gift card, and then there’s some that make you speak with Corporate and they will mail you the valued amount.

    Now, the only time this is valid is when this is advertised. Many times, you’ll see an “unadvertised” RR deal going on (like the recent and DONE Dixie deal) and a manager doesn’t have to honor that IF there isn’t an ad to back up the details and dates. And, honestly, we shouldn’t expect them too either because it would mean people taking advantage of a system possibly and we don’t want those great RR deals to end! If there is a way you can get details of the dates of a RR deal like that, I would suggest doing the research on that specific promotion yourself and taking the documentation into the manager to request the RR or cash value.

    I am only adding that last bit of info because I’ve heard people have had issues with it and I think managers and corporations are more than willing to honor something as long as they have valid documentation to support the request. Of course, that’s been my experience and I’m sure others have had different ones – as with everything this is a YMMV.

    Sorry for the long-winded answer, but it was a really good question that I wanted to share more on :-)

  3. Hi! I love your blog! Thanks for making saving FUN!

    Is it possible Walgreens allows different coupon policies from store to store? I recently tried to get the awesome diaper deal using the July IVC combined with the pharmacy coupon. The Walgreens closest to home wouldn’t allow this coupon combo, however another nearby Walgreens did. Anyway, I’m feeling a little shy about combining coupons there since. They acted like I was trying to get away with something. I didn’t persist at all, but the cashier called the manager over. I guess I was just embarrassed and want to avoid a similar situation in the future.

    Is it obvious I’m new couponing? :)



  4. Michelle, I’m sorry you were put in an embarassing situation! But, Yes, Walgreens management can choose to manage their acceptance of coupons at their own discretion so those Easy Saver booklet overlap deals are totally YMMV.

    That does not show your “newness” at all since you may feel you have a relationship with one Walgreens and go out of town to do a deal (much like I did this weekend) and get told they have a different policy. To avoid any embarassment, I always suggest asking the cashier or manager what their policy is on the situation and know that you are following their rules for that store. You can’t go wrong with equipping yourself with the rules dictated by them as you play the game!


  5. Hi. I have a questions about the coupons in the Walgreen flyer. For example: When it says “Limit 3” and I buy 3 items, do I have to use 3 of their coupons or will one coupons work for all of them? Sorry. Newbie here.

  6. Mazz – you only need to use 1 coupon. When they scan the coupon, it will deduct the total for all three as one lump sum versus a separate deduction, like most coupons are. Hope that helps!!

  7. Thank goodness! I have been looking everywhere for walgreens for beginners directions. :)
    Here’s my question, if you must buy a certain $ amount to receive the rr, is that before or after coupons amount? ex. clean and clear and neutrogena-buy $30, receive $10rr. Is it $30 before coupons? or after? thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated.
    -as you can see, i’m a newbie

  8. Jamie – I’m so glad you found this!!!

    For the RR, it is always pre-coupons/tax. I’ve heard people say managers have told them it’s the opposite and that is NOT the case. Always question that if managers do tell you that.

    It’s always nice when there are coupons to use for those RR deals. You save even more and get paid to take the stuff out of the store!

  9. I’m back for another question.
    Today I received a catalina for renuzit triscents-$4, can I stack that with a manufaturers coupon I printed out a few weeks ago?
    and I’ve been noticing more and more catalina Q printing out, is that because of my return trips? or am I just buying something that triggers it to print? thanks for your help, again! love all your snacks, jamie

  10. Jamie – first off, thanks for coming back! If that Catalina states it is a store coupon, you can definitely use it with a manufacturer’s coupon for additional savings! I haven’t noticed anymore cats printing for me so consider yourself lucky! There may be certain products you purchased to trigger the cats but it all depends on the machine or store too.


  11. Hi, another newbie here and thanks for the wonderful blog! Basic question but is this correct? Walgreens has rebate deals that stay same for entire month, but the Register reward items and sale items change weekly. Thanks, and I posted a q on cvs game tips too! THanks

  12. Hi Ami – good question and it sounds like you got it down!

    Walgreens rebate deals are monthly. The rebates and IVC’s are included in the monthly Easy Saver Booklet that can be found with the weekly sale ads in the stores.

    The Register Reward (RR) deals are weekly in published in the the sale ad.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I am new to this as well. I was just looking through the Walgreen’s ad yesterday, and I noticed some of the items listed said “Buy 1 at $x.xx and get one free.” I was wondering, can I use a coupon and still get that item for free, or do I need to purchase the item at the price listed to get the item for free?? Thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it!

  14. Anonymous – YES, you can use a coupon. Actually, when it is a B1G1 FREE sale, you can use two coupons since you’re purchasing two items.

    Sometimes by using two coupons, the item you actually “buy” ends up being FREE.

    An example of this is a $3 Colgate Toothpaste (past deal) at B1G1 FREE. If you use two $1.50 coupons it makes both tubes FREE – those deals are the best!


  15. confused on RR-new here-how do things end up free when the RR is to be used on future purchases? Isn’t that outta pocket $, then the next time u shop you spend RR? CONFUSED HERE ON THE RR?

  16. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks says:

    Angie – a lot of sites will show you the true cost to purchase that item including the RR value. With the chap stick example I give above, if you net the actual price with the RR, it’s $.99 but it still cost you $2.99 to purchase that item.

    Yes, the RR is for your next purchase so including that in a scenario is confusing and somewhat misleading.

    I personally don’t do that with my Walgreens snack (or CVS for that matter) since you have to pay OOP for that item and I want to reflect the accurate amount. My goal is to pay the lowest OOP and if I get a RR, that’s great! I still have to meet my budget at the end of the day.


  17. Dan and Janet Brungardt says:

    Can you use more than one RR to pay for a purchase? Lately I have been getting quite a few of them and they are only good for 2 weeks. I only go to WG once a week and I definitely don’t want to waste those RR!

  18. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks says:

    Janet – definitely do NOT waste those babies :-) You should be able to use multiple RR’s to pay. Walgreens treats them like a coupon so the register sometimes beeps if you have 1 item and pay with a mfg coupon and a RR – more coupons for that one item.

    I have heard others stating they’ve had issues with using multiples and they have enough items for all the coupons they have. So, this may be turning into a YMMV.

  19. Recovering procrastinator says:

    I recently had a RR problem so I filed a question online and got an answer from a district office.

    You can get a RR while using coupons and/or an RR BUT you can’t get and use and RR from the same manufacturer, even if it was earned on a different product. So don’t use a Procter and Gamble product RR if you’re buying something that earns an RR from Procter and Gamble.

  20. Thanks for this wonderful blog! I’m a newbie to the coupon game and it’s been really great to have this blog for reference.
    A quick question. I found $5/$20 coupon at and was wondering if I bought a free after rebate item, could I still use this coupon, get the rebate and turn it into a money-maker?

  21. Andrea @ Mommy Snacks says:

    Anna – unfortunately no. Walgreens has the language on their coupons very specific now to say that your total must be $20 AFTER all coupons/discounts :-(

    Although, I have read some stores will take it off before the discount so it’s a YMMV.

  22. John and Alisha Stults says:

    What would happen if I gave my RRs at the end? I tried to give my coupons in the order you stated, but the checker said she would do my $5RR at the end. I think I ultimately paid more than I was supposed to for my items. Is it allowed to give my RRs once everything has been added, and the coupons taken away?

  23. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Alisha – that is fine too. The benefit of giving your RR at the beginning is it helps to pay for some of the tax. Granted, it’s very little so it’s up to you.

    I think most cashiers may ask for it at the end to help you. If you use your RR first and then your total at the end doesn’t allow for you to use a coupon (which has happened to me before) then you essentially lost that coupon value. If you wait until the end, it ensures you can use the full value of the RR. I hope that makes sense!

  24. Anonymous says:


    So can I use the RR at the same shopping strip that I earned it? In other words, at the checkout I get a RR for $2 off a particular product taht I just purchased. Do I have to come back another day to use the couupon?


  25. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Janet – YES, you can use it the same day in a different transaction. Just don’t use it on the same deal you got it because a new one won’t print.


  26. DeAna, Joshua and Family says:

    Hi, DeAna here. I’m very new to the Walgreens game and still trying to figure it all out. I’m a little confused about the dates for the inserts you list in your snack. Example:
    $10 Revlon Creme Lip Gloss.
    $1 in the 10/12 (exp 2/12/09) and 12/7 (exp 4/7/09) SS Inserts
    $2 in the 1/11 SS Insert (exp 2/15)

    Are these for the Easy Saver Cataog or the weekly saver? I noticed the dates in the weekly saver are good for that 7-day period only. Also, what does “SS” stand for? Super saver?

    I really appreciate all your “snacks”. They have helped so much!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    SS stands for the Smartsource insert that you get in the Sunday paper.Lots of coupons there!

  28. Andrea @ Mommy says:

    Deana, as anonymous stated the SS is for Smart Source. You can find many of the abbreviations I use here in this post:


    If it is in the Easy Saver Booklet, I just write that out.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I just tried Walgreens for the first time today and was disappointed. I was super excited about the diaper deal so I went and got 6 packs of diapers. I split the transaction into 3/3 and used the $5 off coupons. The first purchase went fine and I got my RR and put that towards the other 3 packs of diapers along with the coupons. For some reason the register wouldn’t take my RR (even after the manager told her to override it, it wouldn’t work). So the cashier took off one of my coupons and the RR went through. I’m frustrated because not only did it not take one of my $5 coupons off but I also did not receive another RR for this purchase. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

  30. Andrea @ Mommy says:


    You can’t use the same RR to pay for another transaction of the same products that earns that RR. So, my guess is the RR didn’t print because of that. Next time, just pay cash or use a different RR to pay and it should print.

  31. Emily Brenner says:

    Ok, so I was at Walgreens last week and purchased the following: 4 cans of pringles for 99 cents each, two bottles of listerine (2 for $9) and two bottles of Ocean Spray juice (B1G1 FREE at $4.79 for one). Used four manufacturers coupons total (2 x $1 off two pringles, $1 off two ocean spray, and $2 off one listerine). Figuring I had only used four coupons for my eight items, I attempted to use 4 RR. The machine beeped after the cashier had only rung up two. Requested to speak to the manager to see if they could explain why I could only use six coupons for my eight items, and she said ” All I know is that the computer beeps when you’ve reached your limit”. In other words, she couldn’t explain why it wouldn’t let me use more….Do you have any idea why? Of course I didn’t manage to get back there to use my last few RR on a different transaction, so now I’m frustrated!

    Thanks, Emily

    1. Emily, I don’t know why it wouldn’t accept it. Your total was more than enough to accept it. The Walgreens register logic considers a RR a coupon. So, since you had 8 items and only used 5 coupons total (1 RR and 4 Mfg Coupons), it should have taken it. It sounds like your total was over the $4 RR too (since they are funny about taking them if it gives you a $0 or negative balance). I am not sure!

      I wonder if you would have given your RR first, and then the mfg coupons if that would have mattered? I think I would try that next time – if anything, you would be out a $1 coupon rather than a $4 RR.

      Hope that helps :)

    2. So, at Walgreens I had 14 items and 14 coupons including my RR. All of my RR wouldn’t process and the cashier told me that because some of my coupons were $x/2 that was like using 2 coupons. What is up with that? Is that right?

      1. Also, my total before the remaining was more than the total of the RR that wouldn’t ring up.

  32. Cindy Burnett says:

    Ok, so I have been confused about this for a while. But walgreens sometimes has coupons for $5 of your $25 purchase coupons. Do you have to spend $25 before or after coupons?

    1. Cindy, when Walgreens offers those $5 off $25 coupons, the total has to be BEFORE coupons now. They changed the rules, which kinda stinks because we could usually get out of there with a cart full of stuff for next to nothing!

  33. I work at walgreens and just fyi the registers do not recognize the limits in the ads. The register will let you go beyond it. The only thing that will cause an issue is if you buy a very large quanity and in cases the manager will let this slide anyways.

    1. Matt, thanks for that! I have been able to go beyond the ad limits myself with management approval. But, I always ask just in case – I hate to leave the stores close to out of anything especially if it’s a good item!!

  34. Thanks so much for the information. I hope you don’t mind but I have a link directing people from my blog to your information about Walgreens & CVS. Makes it so much easier to understand!

    1. Candi, that is fine with me! I’m glad to help – it’s why I love doing this!!

  35. You say that ” IVC are great because they can be ‚Äústacked‚Äù or used in addition to any MFG coupons for additional savings.. Is there a place on Walgreens website that states that you can use store coupons as well as MFG coupons. I will like to have this one hand the next time I go to Walgreens.

    1. Celines, there isn’t anyplace on the site that states that. That is the biggest problems we couponers have – lack of policy in writing. But, I have called Walgreens personally (I mention the conversation in the comments of the Top 5 Tips to Play Walgreens). They have stated it is accepted. You could try to call the 800 too and verify. Hope that helps!

  36. Have a question…just started the walgreens and if I have a $7 RR and buy two items for $5.00 a piece (total = $10 before RR)…then use the $7 RR will it take $5.00 off (matching the greatest product) or $7.00 off (matching the total)?



    1. Kris, the deduction will be a full $7 if your purchase is $10. Making your OOP after the RR to be $3. Hope that helps!!

  37. First off all – thank you so much for your website. With your help I have saved our family so much money.

    This week at Walgreens, I tried to buy Handsaver gloves. I had a coupon for $1.00 off and then the walgreens coupon allowed me to buy up to 3 of them for 99 cents each.

    I tried to purchase 2, & had 2 coupons for $1.00 off. Thus, it should have made my cost – Free. But the cashier would not allow me to do this. The machine kept beeping at her.
    Is their anyway to avoid this next time & still receive the items for free?

    Thanks so much!

  38. Like everyone else here, I love your blog. Thank you thank you thank you!

    I was at Walgreens this weekend and bought the Quilted Northern bath tissue on sale and tried to use a RR and a Mfg coupon. The cashier wouldn’t let me because she said I couldn’t use 2 coupons for 1 item. From what I read in these comments, I should have been allowed to do that. I did try using 2 RR’s and 1 Mfg, but I see from these posts why that didn’t work.

    Was the Cashier wrong? I wish they had a coupon policy for me to print and bring with me!! Arrgghhh!!

    1. Jacinta, the RR at Walgreens is considered a coupon for some reason. So, unfortunately you can’t use a RR AND a coupon on just one item. If you were to purchase another item, the register would have taken it since it saw there were two coupons and two items.

  39. Hey there, like the others that have commented, new to the couponing and so excited you took time to explain everything. With twins, i REALLY need to save money. smiles.

    Anyhow, my question…RR is that for specific items? For example, I bought baby vitamins this week and got a coupon back from walgreens for $2 off next vitamin purchase. Is that the same as RR or the RR state that they are RR and can be used for anything? DOes my question make sense? If going back to your chapstick scenario…i bought chapstick, got RR for chapstic do i have to use the RR for future chapstick purchase or for anything? or does it have to be used on another RR product? thanks for your help

    1. Hey Kim – welcome!!!

      The vitamin coupon you got is only for Vitamins – that’s actually a Catalina Coupon (good only at Walgreens). RR’s are different in that you can use them on anything in the store. But, as I mention above, if you used that Chapstick RR to pay for another thing of Chapstick a new RR will not print. But, if you use that Chapstick RR to pay for another item that produces an RR, the new RR will print. Basically don’t use your RR’s to pay for the same RR producing item or you won’t get a new one.


  40. meckinzie says:

    if i have different rrs from different items, how do you keep up with which rr came from what so that you don’t mess it up and not get some of your rrs? I am new to this and very much confused on what order to give my cpns and rrs…have seen it posted several ways. Also my walgreens told me i could only use 1 rr per transaction no matter the # of items purchased…I thought you could as long as only 1 cpn or rr used per item…don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of the Walgreens thing…really missing the rebate thing now

    1. Meckinzi, the RR’s typically have the manufacturer name on them. So they would say “Courtesy of P&G” or whatever company. That’s the only way you can really know, or else I”m guessing you could make a note on the back of it for your own reference.

      I think the 1 RR per transaction is a store rule because I have used multiples. You just have to have the same amount of items with your coupons/RR’s. So, if you have 10 items, you could only use 8 coupons + 2 RR’s. The registers view the RR as a coupon, unfortunately.

  41. Hi Andrea,

    I recently purchased an item that should have printed $1 RR. I used a RR from a previous transaction (an unrelated item) to pay for the item. The $1 RR did not print. The cashier told me that they changed their policy and you can no longer get RRs when you pay with RRs, even when the items are different. I couldn’t find any info to collaborate this anywhere…..Sound right to you?

    1. Darla, this is the first I have heard of this. Actually, it’s not true. I visited Walgreens on Monday and used RR’s from two transactions to pay for the subsequent transaction. I continued to receive the RR’s for each order too. I would suggest you taking your receipt back to the store and see if the manager can offer you some sort of credit for the RR.

  42. Hi I am just starting out and trying to get the hang of the coupon thing. I have done a few pretty good deals and I am now hooked! But I have a question. I know that I have heard to use MQ’s before Store Q’s but does it matter what order they are in when using RR? I went to Walgreens yesterday I was going to do the Neosporin Lip Health deal. I had a $2.50 RR from another deal and I had two $3 MQ’s for the Neosporin which was on sale for 2/$8. I also purchase a small notebook that was in the clearance bin for $0.34 as a filler item. I believe I used the MQ’s first and then handed over the RR. The register beeped and the cashier didn’t know what to do so she called a manager over. The manager informed me that she couldn’t use my RR on that purchase because the amount of the coupon (the RR) exceded the amount of the notebook. And she said that if the register wouldn’t take the coupon they couldn’t force it through. My total was a few cents over the amount of the RR so I am not sure what was going on! So I haven’t heard anyone say anything specifically about what order to use RR in and since they were all MQ’s how does that work? Please let me know because I was able to have some friends print me off more of the Neosporin Q’s and I would like to be able to use them with the least amount OOP. It doesn’t really make sense to me though because I didn’t think that there was anything that stated that a coupon had to be under the amount of the item or it wouldnt’ accept it.
    Please Help! :(


    1. Sarah, I typically hand over my RR’s the last thing. I have never had an issue. And, I do this because if my total doesn’t exceed the RR value, then I want to find something else to ensure I use every single penny of the RR Value. They can, however, enter the RR for less than the value so you essentially walk out paying nothing. Of course, you cannot get cash back but you can pay zero which is just as good!

      In my opinion, you should have been able to use all three coupons (2 Manu Q’s and the RR) in that transaction since you had 3 items total. I’m guessing they didn’t accept it because they would have had to reduce the RR value, which they can do. But, possibly your manager doesn’t agree with that and sometimes those are a YMMV. If you do it again, I would suggest buying enough items to cover the total cost of your purchase and you shouldn’t have any problems.


  43. Sorry I guess I should have noted that the RR was for $2. The total remaining after the Q’s for the lip care was also $2 but I bought the notebook as well which would have brought my total over the $2 of the RR. She said that since I used the two $3 Q’s on the lip care that I couldn’t use the RR because it was higher than the value of the notebook. I haven’t had this problem since though. I was just wondering if there was a way to avoid this in the future by using them in a certain order. Because it the transaction always had to go like that (using high dollar fillers) we wouldn’t be saving any money!

    But thank you for your help and thanks for taking your time out to do these blogs to help others like myself save some serious money! I do appreciate it! :)

  44. I am new to this whole “coupon” thing and am having a blast! What do you mean by “stacking” Walgreens coupons?


    1. Patty – Welcome!! Stacking is when you use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. You are stacking the manufacturer coupon on the store savings (coupon). HTH!

  45. walgreens wants you to submit coupons in this order…walg,manuf,then RR

  46. Diann Harper says:

    Can the RR printouts be used at Kroger or Publix? They say they are manufacturer coupons and the stores have taken them before. However, on a recent visit to Publix they advised me they were no longer taking them because they were a store coupon. Is this correct?

  47. Sandra Jordan says:

    Just a trick I use. If I have more coupons than I have items, I purchase their instant pudding, which is 3/$1. This gives me enough items and the pudding is very good.

  48. I’m wondering because I hear a lot of other bloggers talking about using a B1G1 coupon along with a B1G1 sale to get both items for free… some say that they have talked to ‘corporate’ and that they said that it did work that way… also, I have come across the situation that at Walgreens, they will only accept ONE coupon along with the B1G1 sale because you are actually only paying for one item and they can not accept a coupon for the item you are getting for free… any thoughts??? They did say that they could TAKE the second coupon, but would have to make it worth $0.00 (meaning they don’t honor it and would not get reimbursed for it ). Are there legal issues with the stores giving two items for free with nothing OOP except for taxes in the case of using a B1G1 coupon with a B1G1 sale??? I have also heard of doing the B1G1 sale twice, so you would have 4 items (two free and two paying for), and then using a B1G1 coupon on one of the items you are buying, so you get 3 for free, and pay for 1…. I’m pretty new to this whole couponing thing – and definitely want to do so ethically and legally, so any advice or comments you would have to share on this topic would be great!!

    1. Karie, a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale is a little different. You technically have to purchase two items to use the coupon. If the sale is having you purchase both for one price, that coupon qualifies the requirement. I know some people will use a B1G1 and a $1 coupon with the B1G1 Free sales, but I never have. It usually works, but I just don’t do it that way.

      There are no legal issues at all with the stores. The manufacturer is paying for the coupon redemption, not the store. Actually, the store is paid money to redeem the coupons so they are making money on it. If you look at the coupon, it states the “rules” to the store so they know how much they will receive for each coupon they send it for redemption.

      I hope that answers your question!

  49. Hi,
    I was just at Walgreens today and purchased 2 tubes of toothpaste. I was supposed to get $2 in RR for each one I purchased or so I thought. I ended up only getting one. Is this really the way it is? Also, I asked her if I could return one tube of toothpaste and get my coupon back after the return and she said that the manager would say no. Is this legitimate?

    1. Emma, you should have received a RR for both tubes of toothpaste. However, some people have reported that only one RR will print for them in each transaction. This is a YMMV because I have personally had multiple RR’s print in a transaction. I would return the toothpaste and purchase it in a different transaction. Do NOT pay with the RR you just earned though since a new toothpaste RR will not print.

  50. Mandy Haynes says:

    I’m such a newbie at this….but really need to save money! I’ve been looking through your site and getting info. I clicked on the redplum coupon site and it says it offers grocery store coupons but it didn’t tell me what grocery store. Are these actually grocery store coupons that you combine with Manufacturer’s coupons or are they just Manu. coupons? And what is the best way to get coupons when you are starting out? I want to do this but it seems by looking at it that it takes so much time to research all the ads and combine with coupons. Also, is there a certain way that you organize your coupons? Sorry for all the questions, but this is so brand new to me! :)

  51. I’m still new at this, but very excited to try it out! At Walgreens when they have a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale, can you use two MQ’s on those items?

      1. I know you can use the coupons this way, but sometimes I am confused about how much I would receive off. Ex: bogo50%. Use 2 coupons, How much would be taken off? Say I bought an item for $5 and it was a BOGO50%. That would be a total of $7.50. I use 2 coupons, say $2/1. Would that leave me owing $3.50??????
        Also now the coupons in the book say they are manufacturers Q’s but only good a Walgreen’s. Does that mean I can’t stack those anymore???
        Thanks. I’m also a newbie.

      2. Pat, you can use the IVC’s still. Even though they say manufacturer’s coupons they are only redeemable at Walgreens making them a store coupon. I have verified this with Corporate and know that we are permitted to STACK them with manufacturer coupons.

  52. Hi, in the walgreens coupon info you mention 1st give RR, then IVC, MQ. I read on another blog that at Walgreens always use MQ 1st before the Walgreens ad coupon. Is that Info right? Does it apply to what you are stating? Please help. Thanks!

    1. Bella, you want to hand over your RR, then IVC, then MQ. HOWEVER, when there are sales going on, it is better to hand over the IVC or Weekly Ad Coupon LAST in order for the register to take the highest deduction. Hopefully that’s not confusing!

  53. Andrea,
    It seems like I’ve been getting annoyed w/ Walgreens lately because I end up with so many RR and I don’t want to lose them but they won’t let me use more than one per transaction; my question is: am I just shopping at a picky Walgreens store? I understand the item to coupon ration (the coupons can’t excede the item count).

  54. Question – rather new to this.
    Walgreens has Tampax B1G1 half off this week. I have a B1G1 coupon and a $1.00 coupon and a $2.00 coupon. Can I buy three – (Online price is 3.99 – so will use that for example) – get one 1.00 off (2.99), one free , and one 2.00 off (1.99) – so buy three for 4.98.
    Does that work?

    1. iCoupon – I would buy 2 and get both Free with the B1G1 Free Coupon! Or, you could buy 4, use a B1G1 Free coupon, a $2 and a $1 Coupon and pay $.99 OOP for all 4!

  55. Ann Marie says:

    I work at WAG and will give you this piece of advice. Know the store employees. Some managers are more than happy to solve problems by putting $ on a gift card while others will stand firm if the RR doesn’t print. Also, find the employees who are savers too. If we’re not busy, I work with a customer to get them the best deal I can and share with them what I know. For example, if the are trying to use a P&G RR on another P&G item, I point it out.
    I have never seen a “maual” from corporate with all the rules, limits, etc. Sometimes we are just as confused as the customer as to why something doesn’t work. :)

    1. Ann Marie, you sound like the Wags employees I want at my store!! Actually, my stores are usually coupon friendly and I don’t visit as often as I used to. But, I always appreciated a cashier or manager willing to help like it sounds like you do!

  56. please pen an article on generating b1g1 coupons…. with minimal hassles

  57. Yes, RR at WAGS have to be done in one transaction, right? As opposed to CVS, who tallies your ECB on the bottom of the receipt.

    1. Steph, YES, the RR offers have to be done in one offer at Wags. And, you can’t roll them on the same brand RR’s which stinks but it is a good program overall! :)

  58. The info on this blog is great. However, RR are deals set up by the manufacturer, therefore making them mfg coupons (this is also stated at the top of the coupon that you receive) not store coupons.

    Also, the golden rule to “playing” Walgreens is to never get upset, defensive, or disruptive with management. They will not give the deal!!!! I have worked with and talked to many different managers at Walgreens and they all have the same opinion about customers and their coupons. Be nice and work with them and they will help you out if you need help, trust me this is how I have learned a lot of the little ins and outs. Do not get nasty, because they do have the right to limit coupons in their respective stores if they desire.

    1. Laurie, to clarify so it doesn’t confuse people, RR’s are established by the manufacturer but they aren’t manufacturer coupons as a regular Sunday Insert coupon, for example. Sometimes people get confused on that aspect thinking they can use them at other stores when in fact they are only valid at Walgreens.

  59. I just realized that the 15.00 coupon for a future purchase expired yesterday. All the jungle bucks that I received do not expire until 12-31. Do you think that they will still honor this or should I contact their coporate office?

    1. Kim, sometimes the stores will take expired RR’s if it’s only a few days old. You may want to ask the store when you go in and see what they say!

  60. Not a newbie to Q’s but a newbie to couponing at Wags ;o)

    I called and talked to the manager at my local store and she told me that the IVC are manufactured coupons and I could not stack them with the sunday paper coupons?
    She also told me that you could not use a coupon for $X.xx off on a BOGOF because you would not actually being buying at full price if a coupon was used on the “one” you are suppose to be buying?

    Right now, I’m at a total loss and thinking I’ll go back to Target LOL!!

    1. Savings Lifestyle: Amber says:

      Well, unfortunately, it sounds like the manager needs some education on the Walgreen’s coupon policy! Here is a direct link for you: You’ll see there that you can use a Walgreen’s coupon (which is what an IVC is – you can’t use them at any other store and they are coded only for Walgreen’s) and a manufacture coupon on the same item. It also outlines using 2 coupons on B1G1 sale. I’d suggest printing the policy and keeping it with you in case there are any questions – HTH!

  61. My Walgreens must not know their policy. I’ve been told I cant use coupons on RR items, then I was told the RR are manu. coupons. Thanks so much for this info.

    1. Savings Lifestyle: Amber says:

      I’ve found that it helps a lot to have the coupon policy with you in case anything comes into question – because, unfortunately, some stores don’t know the policy well. You can print the Walgreens Coupon Policy to take along with you if you’d like!

  62. Okay so I am trying to understand the need for multiple transaction and how to get the rapid rewards. I think I get the part that you get the rapid reward to use on a future purchase so that is why you do multiple transactions. Correct? My question is, if walgreens has an offer for $1 rapid rewards on a specific item, if i buy 10 of those items in one transaction do I get 10 RR? Just unclear if there is a limit per transaction. Thanks for any clarification you can provide. I will become an expert at this, I promise! :)

    1. Savings Lifestyle: Amber says:

      At Walgreens you will only get one reward per item purchased….so if you buy 10 widgets and you’re supposed to get $1 reward on a widget, if you buy 10, you’ll still only get $1 reward. However, if you buy 1 widget 10 times (separate transactions) you’ll get 10 – $1 rewards…..I hope that helps clear some things up for you and let us know if you have any other questions!

  63. Stephanie Staton says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I haven’t received a email newsletter for quite a while now & I was wondering if I somehow got taken off the list?

    1. Stephanie, I’m not sure what’s up. I think we got it resolved though from our emails back and forth. Let me know if it’s still an issue.

  64. Hi,

    Fairly new to the “extreme-type” couponing.
    Question: I have several Catalina coupons from Walgreens. The coupons say mfr. coupon
    on the top and has the regular type upc code starting with a 5. The coupon says redeemable at Walgreens. Do I need to redeem these at Walgreens ? Can I combine these with another mfr. coupon ?

    Thanks : )

  65. Kathy Webb says:

    Hello Andrea, CAn you please advise on the newest info where you have to have a Walgreens card now?

    Do you think this is a good or a bad thing? any watchouts on the card? how to redeem your points… Thank you for your advice. :)

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