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Personal Finance Failure?

Today I have spent a large part of my day getting personal with our finances again. In January, I mentioned I was going to do some personal finance organization since Paul lost his job (and has since found another one, more on that to come). We did a lot of reviews and “what if” scenarios…

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Evaluating Finances

Doing a full “state of the finances” was on our to-do list for 2012. We wanted to get into doing these on a regular basis since we have gotten off track from talking about the finances in full detail. We probably would have held our first couple’s meeting this weekend anyway. There’s no better time…

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Sudden Job Loss

The site’s anniversary is coming up in just a few weeks. In the four years I have been publishing, I have had countless people email me or share in person how this site has helped you save to achieve your financial goals.  I’ve also had many share how the site has personally helped during the…

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