Spring Cleaning Supplies and Resources

{22} Storage solutions?

Have you started thinking about Spring yet? Even though the weather is changing on a daily basis in Ohio, spring and all the cleaning and organizing that is involved is at the top of my mind. I just want to clear out the clutter more than anything!

Over on the Home Economics Blog, I share two posts that will help you clean for spring for a little less and make a few bucks as you clear out the clutter. Looking at spring in this light makes it more motivating for me. Even when I seriously do not enjoy the cleaning part – decluttering yes :)

Please stop over and share your thoughts on both topics. I always love to hear from you wherever I'm writing!

Disclaimer: I am a paid freelance writer as part of the SC Johnson Family Economics blog. I hope you find the contributions I share on Family Economics valuable to you as a reader of Savings Lifestyle. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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