Reuse Plastic Bottles

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, Beth:

My son and I sometimes buy the 20-ounce bottles of pop. I know it is a total waste of money but I have discovered a nice way to get more use out of the bottles.

My son likes his drinks out of those bottles in particular, so when he needs to pack a lunch for something and take a drink, I use one of those bottles and put in the powder packs that you mix with water and you can even put fiber powder in there and he never knows it.

My son has trouble bringing home containers because he is disabled so rather than take the chance that he will throw a good container away, I can just use on of these bottles.

What else do you reuse to save more?
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  1. Be careful. Those bottles are intended for one time use. The plastic degrades over time and can release harmful toxins into beverages when reused.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I like that you are doing your part in recycling but I do think you should research if it’s ok to reuse those bottles because I remember there being a report that they should not be reused. As a parent myself, I can see how you want to make things easier for your son but just make sure that it’s ok to reuse these bottles. Take care.

  3. Agree with the above comments. Maybe start with re-using plastic water bottles first since the original packaged content do not contain carbon chemicals as in sodas. However, care should still be taken as these water bottles contain so little resin these days so maybe cycle them through every several of days or a week (make sure you recycle these bottles afterwards as they are highly recyclable).

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