The Children’s Place Birthday Club

This is when having kids with birth dates several months apart is a bonus! I can always guarantee I'll get a good coupon every few months :)

Here are a few additional details on the The Children's Place Birthday Club:


Just sign up on The Children's Place Birthday Club page and start receiving awesome benefits that help you save! They make it easy to add your information, as well as your kiddos birth dates. They make it easy to register – you gotta love that!

Benefits + Rewards

While you can opt out of the email newsletter, I would not recommend it. The Children's Place is always sending out great coupons as a result of opting in!

Several months ago, I received a Children's Place Perks Rewards card. Place Perks cardholders were an exclusive mailing invite (that's why I didn't post anything on it). The only way I could have received that was because of signing up for the Birthday Club.

It's just one way to show you that a rewards program can benefit you even more, if that's possible. I get coupons all the time PLUS now receive additional benefits through the Place Perks Rewards.

Birthday Freebie

Here's a coupon for your Birthday. Here's a coupon for child 1's Birthday. Here's a coupon for child 2's Birthday. So on. It's like Oprah on that episode where she was giving everyone a car. Sort of :)

Each person you sign up on the Birthday Club form will receive a coupon for his/her birthday.

Additional Details

The Children's Place is extremely generous with their coupons. You will receive them frequently and they even have them in-store to make sure you save. Gotta love that!

You can also follow The Children's Place on Facebook and on Twitter for promotions and company information.

Read about more Birthday Freebies, Clubs and Rewards in “30 Days to Celebrate”!

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