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Current Rite Aid Sales and Promotions

Rite Aid’s ad/sale week is effective Sunday and lasts thru Saturday. You can find the current ad information online at

Savings Lifestyle publishes a weekly Rite Aid highlight each Sunday.

General Coupon Rules for Rite Aid

  • Rite Aid accepts Internet Printable (IP) coupons.
  • Rite Aid does not double coupons.
  • Rite Aid allows stacking of store coupons with manufacturer coupons.

Rite Aid Store Coupons

Weekly Ad Coupons
Rite Aid publishes coupons in the weekly ad. You must redeem these to receive the discount.

Video Values Coupons
Rite Aid publishes monthly coupons called Video Values. Customers may receive these coupons after watching a series of videos pertaining to the products. The Video Values Coupons are considered store coupons and may be stacked with manufacturer coupons.

Loyalty Program Education for Rite Aid

Rite Aid Store Loyalty Card, Wellness Program
Rite Aid has a store loyalty card, the Wellness Card. You want to use this each time you shop. If you don’t have a Wellness card, just request one at your first shopping trip to receive the qualifying store discounts. You can also visit to request a Wellness card.

After you receive your Wellness card, be sure to register it online to receive additional discounts and promotional notifications.

Rite Aid +UP Rewards
Rite Aid publishes weekly offers called +UP Rewards. This is similar to CVS’ rewards program in that you purchase items that will pay you with Rite Aid +UP Rewards. When you make a purchase for an item that is offering +UP Rewards, you will see the reward print at the bottom of your receipt as soon as you have met the requirements for the offer.

+UP Rewards work just like a coupon in that you can redeem the reward on anything in the store (with general exclusions of alcohol, tobacco, etc). You can also use manufacturer’s (MFG) coupons with +UP Rewards to reduce you out-of-pocket (OOP) expense. ECB’s expire just like MFG coupons so use ‘em or lose ‘em!

Rite Aid Single Check Rebates (SCR)
Rite Aid SCR program is similar to the previous Walgreens Rebate program. Purchase products that qualify for SCR and receive the rebate amount back in cash. Submit qualifying SCR purchases online at

Register online for the Rite Aid SCR program here.

Other Rite Aid Shopping Tips

There are a few additional tips to help you maximize your savings at CVS. I have outlined them below.

  • Roll Your +UP Rewards
  • Multiple Transactions

“Rolling” +UP Rewards means you are purchasing another item that earns +UP Rewards and paying for that item using +UP Rewards. By doing this, you will use your +UP Reward before it expires on another product that is going to be giving you another +UP Reward .

These guidelines are similar to the “rolling” guidelines and multiple transaction examples as with CVS Shopping.

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