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Organic/Natural Foods Journey


For a while now, I have wanted to start doing whole foods/organic for our family. I have researched a lot and knew that eating produce from the “Dirty Dozen” [1] is something I want to include. We have also looked into the purchase of an organic cow, which is actually not much more expense than the cow we purchased last year.

Recently, friends (who will remain nameless – HA) have talked about the dyes in foods. In all honesty, it doesn’t really gross me out that much that red dye is made from coal. I am of the belief that everything in moderation is ok. However, I will do more of my own research to make the determination for our family.

My journey will be truly about making more foods from scratch which I do normally do (when I’m cooking, of course). This means meal planning will be here again (which I have seriously slacked on this year). I want to have more whole or natural foods in our diet. The biggest challenge I see is trying to get those organic items without breaking the bank. I plan on preparing more snacks for the family as well that are natural and wholesome.

So, consider me a case study on whole/natural foods and whether it will break the bank. I plan on creating my menu plan this week (starting next week). I’m also going to survey the options to find produce and other items. I really want to find someplace to purchase freshly ground whole wheat flour too. I’m going to try and find coupons, consider summer co-ops, shop at whole foods stores, look more into the cost of the organic cow and whatever else comes my way. I will be documenting all of this so I can honestly tell you if I see a difference, not only in our wallet but how we feel and act as a result of eating more organic/natural foods.

Do you have any tips for me?

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