Pottery Barn Pink Love Frame DIY Project

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  • Frame
  • Tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Scrapbook paper and stencils or a cutting machine like the Cricut


  1.  Start by wrapping the background of the frame in tissue paper. This provides the background.
  2. Pink tissue paper matched the room and kept it consistent with the model. Layering light pink on top of darker pink gave the coloring a little depth while still keeping it light.
  3.  The fun part is using my Cricut cutting machine to cut out the L O V E letters. Cut out the letters. My letters are 8 inches each so I could overlap them in the frame.
  4. Using the Cricut is an easy way to get an amazing result. Stencils work just as well, but in my opinion any cutting machine is the way to go.
  5. I thankfully had found mine the day after Thanksgiving in ’09 for SUPER cheap ($65 at my not so fave store, WalMart) and only buy closeout cartridges (no more than $15 each-found at Michael’s, Menards or online). This is a great tool to have around.
  6.  Tape the letters onto the frame however you would like. The model shows all letters separate, but I thought it would be just as cute to overlap the letter as art.