Planting a Garden

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  • Garden Space
  • Plants
  • Vegetable Seeds


  1. Start with a piece of ground that has been tilled and most of the weeds pulled out.  Smooth out the soil with a rake and make level.
  2. Dig a small hole large enough for your plant.  Take your plant out of the container and tear the roots a little to promote growth. Place it into the hole.
  3. If you have the containers that can be planted along with your plant, still break open the bottom of the plant where the roots are to promote growth.
  4. Cover with water and allow to soak into the ground before covering with soil up to the crown of the plant. The crown is where the soil was in the original container.  Tap the soil gently with your hand.
  5. Continue in a straight line and follow growers directions on how close the plants need to be.  Using a raised bed allows me to plant closer, thus growing more.
  6. Water every other day, depending on the weather.  If the soil looks dry on top, remember, it is still moist under the ground.