Easter Empty Tomb Craft

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Easter Empty Tomb Centerpiece. This craft is simple and meaningful and only cost less than $5 to create!


  • Shallow Terra Cotta Flower Pot Plate
  • Small Terra Cotta Flower Pot
  • Craft Rocks or Pebbles
  • Craft Moss
  • Brown Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors


  1. Begin by creating a layer of rocks in the terra cotta dish.
  2. Lay the small flower pot on its side, directly off to the side of the dish.
  3. Start covering the plate and pot with craft moss. You want it to look like a hill with land surrounding it.
  4. Help secure the moss in place by laying some more pebbles over it. Focus on laying pebbles around the base of the pot and around the edges of the plate.
  5. You now want to create your crosses. Cut several pieces of brown pipe cleaner and twist them to make crosses. We made one larger cross and two smaller crosses to place by its side.
  6. Secure the crosses into the ground by simply pressing them down into the plate. The moss and rocks should secure them.