How to Make a Bulletin Board for Kids Room



  1. Lay the batting down on table and center the cardboard on top of batting, making sure that there are at least 2 inches of batting on all four sides of cardboard.
  2. On the center of each square, pull the batting up and over the cardboard and staple. Do this on all 4 sides. Then go back and start to staple in between until all sides are stapled down.
  3. Lay your material face first down on table and center the batting cardboard on top of the material, making sure that there are at least 2 inches of material on all 4 sides of the batting. Staple into place using the same format that you did with the batting.
  4. Lay the ribbon from one corner to the other, leaving about 2 inches on both ends to overlap the material.
  5. Cut off and do the same with the opposite corner to corner. Turn the board over and staple all four corners, pulling tight before your staple. You will have an X on the front side of the board.
  6. From the center of your X, measure 8″ down toward each point of your board and this is where your next piece of ribbon goes. You will need 4 pieces of ribbon. This will form a box with an X in the middle.  Staple all pieces of ribbon into place on the back side of the board.
  7. Where the ribbons meet, hot glue the decorative beads or buttons (if you are using them).
  8. Add either a picture hanger to the back of the board, velcro or 2-sided tape to mount on the wall.