Use Last Year’s Christmas Clearance Purchases

Getting items on sale is a great way to save money, especially at Christmas. No wonder that was one of the first Christmas in July savings tips. But, do you keep tabs on what you purchased so you actually gift and use the items?

Since you have a few months to go, go find all those gifts and decorations you already purchased so you know what you have. I always purchase items for gifts, but also to fill our Operation Christmas Child boxes throughout the year. It's easy to forget exactly what I have. Whenever I make a new purchase I put the items in the box with all of the other stuff.

Use the Christmas gifting planner to mark down who you already have purchased for this year. You may be able to get people marked off your list now. You may also want to create a simple spreadsheet of all gift purchases. Keeping an inventory of gifts, even for birthdays and other holidays, will help you save more by using what you already purchased.

Visit Happy Housewife to learn how to make a themed basket. You can always find great deals on items to put in the basket throughout the year so make sure you use up what you've purchased so you need to buy very little extra.

How do you keep track of who is on your Christmas gifting list?
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