World Vision + Veggie Tales

I think about little Ashlie and her mom every single day. T has gone back to “life as normal” as a pre-teen American boy. While our trip to the Dominican Republic trip isn't always the top conversation at the dinner table, he hasn't forgotten. I wonder how often he thinks of that little boy who reminded him of Andon. I gotta believe those are memories that just won't fade.  He still remembers Romey and asks about him a lot, too (whose name is actually Tommy we've found out, and I'll share more on that in a different post).

During our trip, we were joined by folks from Veggie Tales. Yeah, they know Bob and Larry well :) On the trip, we even got to hear a sneak peek of the now released Sweetpea Beauty. We were on the bus, and when Greg mentioned he had it and asked if we'd like to hear it, we were all “YES!!!” I felt like an insider getting to hear the title song, written and sung by Nichole Nordeman (who was one of the first artists I became a fan of when I started listening to Christian music). It's beautiful, you can listen to “Beautiful for Me.”

Veggie Tales was on the trip because they have started a partnership with World Vision. Similar to the big events where you are likely to hear the stories of how World Vision impacts the precious faces we touched and kissed, Veggie Tales will now have child sponsorship opportunities at the Veggie Tales Live events. During our trip to the DR, they took some footage of the most amazing bloggers I know and myself (and some of our kids – both biological and sponsored littles) and that's what you see above, and what is shown at all Veggie Tales Live events.

If you attend one and see the video, just know that there is no hype in that video. I was there, I saw, felt, smelled everything you can imagine. I want to go back. I want to save more so our family can sponsor more kids!!

I gotta say, when T first saw this, he was all macho like he didn't care. But, when Paul got home and came downstairs to talk as I was working, he was like “Let me see this video!” So, even though T wasn't acting excited about it, he really was. I pray all the time that he remembers our experience together. I want him to have compassion, love and joy like this little girl who had absolutely nothing. Lord, I want that!

I've been blessed beyond measure with what this site has become. Getting to support causes that are about Jesus is something I am amazed that me of all people gets to do. I would never win a scripture quoting contest (I know what's in the Bible, I'm just not gifted with where exactly it is). Sometimes I even use my Bible books reference cards. Because, seriously, Old Testament books – it's either before the Psalms or after kwim??!! This site – my job and my ministry – started and has become something I couldn't even dream up! God's plan is really amazing!! I'm truly thankful for each of you who visit, and read, and are making the choice to be a part of it! That in itself isn't a coincidence either – it's all God!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on October 10, 2010

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  • Christie - October 11, 2010 @ 10:09 am

    It’s awesome to see how God is going to continue using your trip to support more kids!!

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