World Vision Child Sponsorship – It’s Real!!

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It was a year ago last weekend that I learned about World Vision. I didn't act immediately upon the call during the Women of Faith conference to sponsor a child. I wanted to go home and allow the kids to help choose our sponsored child.

If you read this post, you will know that didn't happen. It took a nudge from God to make it happen. We finally did it and haven't noticed anything missing from our budget . at . all. As you have also read, we have actually paid off our debt too. My point is that this little bit going towards child sponsorship per month was not affecting our budget.

As I found out that T and I were coming on this trip, we thought about sponsoring another child. I knew that there was a possibility that we could meet our sponsored child. And, c'mon…how amazing would it be to get to meet the child you are praying for? It's rare! So we went on our search to find another child.

We wanted to find a child around Andon's age since we have two other sponsored children whom are T and Caleb's age. I was thinking a boy would be great to match Andon's personality – he's all boy! But, as Michael (our World Vision contact) sent us two options, I just started praying. We had a girl and a boy to choose from.

Each night for about two weeks, I kept asking Paul, “Did you pray about which child we should choose? I want to make sure you are praying because I can't make this decision alone.” Paul then was all like, “Well, are YOU praying.” That Paul, he always tries to keep me prayed up :) (I was praying by the way, a lot. It just wasn't an easy decision to make which is why we let God show us.)

Thursday we met the answer to our prayers. Her name is Ashlie, she is 3 years old and the most beautiful girl!!

WV Ashlie and Me

T was so excited to get to meet her. She was a little late as all of the sponsored children arrived and he kept saying, “Is she here yet. What if she doesn't show up.” Have I ever mentioned that T is a total “what if” kid. Always wanting a Plan B to be in place. HA! I simply reassured him that Ashlie and her momma would come or she wouldn't. Either way, she would get our package we brought for her. I think he exhausted himself thinking about it because he was soooo tired by the time of the day when we met Ashlie and her mom.

I realize that this is a very unique experience we had. However, correspondence through email and letters are an amazing way to build a relationship with your sponsored child (you remember the US Mail letters, those are actually quite the treasure here). As a matter of fact, during Women of Faith this year we heard a story of a woman who sponsored a child, then that grew to an entire family. Her sponsorship has lasted 8 years and the relationship has grown through letters and pictures. What an AMAZING story! I need to find that video and share with you. It has been giving me chills whenever I mention it!!

If you feel led to sponsor a child, you can find one on the World Vision site now. Maybe you are like we were and want to search together as a family. You can search for specific birth dates, a different country (my BFF searched for a child in Korea) or other criteria. The awesome “Faith, Hope, Amor” Lisa Leonard necklaces are available when you sponsor a child too!

The child sponsorship is about helping these families. But, in the past several months we have sponsored children, it is more than that. We want our boys to grow up as givers. We all know that tithing and giving is important. One major component is about relationships. I mean, we are in relationship with Christ why not be in similar relationship with others…even the least of these?

Sponsor a child and being a life-changing relationship today!

T and Ashlie

T and Ashlie playing with my iPhone games. I think he'd make a great big bro to a little sister! And, he has one a few thousand miles away :)

Photos thanks to Jessica and Briana

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  • Jen @ BigBinder - May 08, 2010 @ 5:52 pm

    What precious pictures!! There is no better way to teach your children to be givers than this and I love that your family acted in faith – and it resulted in this amazing experience for you :)

  • Niccole - May 08, 2010 @ 7:50 pm

    Do you know what percentage of the money donated actually goes to the child and the community? Some charities have VERY high overhead and very little goes to where you think it is

  • Ginger S. - May 08, 2010 @ 9:52 pm

    Congratulations she is beautiful! Im so glad you guys are home and I cant wait to see youuuuu!

  • Brittany - August 12, 2010 @ 12:27 am

    I found this blog by googling World Vision. I love their program. I was wondering if you’ve found a way to save the letters and pictures you receive from the children you sponsor? I sponsor one little girl and I’d like to save everything, but can’t think of a way to make it work. Any ideas?

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