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The Savings Lifestyle is focused on saving money! I try to stay on a schedule, because as a mother, I appreciate one! I respect your time and know getting just a few minutes to snack online is sometimes the only time you have to yourself! I am soooo with ya!

When you come here, you will find a little of the following:


Deals, Free Stuff, Coupons and so much MORE!

Weekly Sales

I publish a list of the best deals for the week for various stores. I try to take all of the work out of searching for deals and coupons for you. I share the item on sale, where you can find the coupon, and how much that item is gonna cost you. So, you can print these store sale deals and shop equipped to save BIG time!

Every Sunday evening, you can visit and find the week's deals compiled with coupon matches for the following stores:


Rite Aid








You can always find the current sale week for these stores in the Sale Shopping as well.

And, I want this part to be especially collaborative, so please don't be shy. Feel free to leave a comment or tip yourself for something! The reason this community of money-savers is great is because we all share!

FREEbies & Samples

I do love a FREEbie now and then – who doesn't! I may mix in great FREE Stuff daily. I also have a Free Stuff page that you can check daily for updates. I keep that maintained and will do mentions of various Freebies throughout the week.

My Life

I share personal stuff about weight loss in my Fat-Burnin' Friday. Or, you may find weekly menu plans to help you see what meals you can cook with all that loot you got! I also share Soul Snacks where I share particular Christian songs that mean something to me. I do love me some JC! Basically, you're gonna hear a bit about me so I hope that's ok with ya :)

Submitting a Guest Post

I love to hear your ideas, and even offer guest post spots for my readers. So if you have a topic you are an expert on, or just want to share your personal finance story, please consider submitting a guest post!

Popular Posts

Some popular posts that I have written which you may find helpful are listed below.

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This guide provides baby steps to shopping with coupons so you are successful with your savings efforts too!

Expired Coupons

Do you often wonder what to do with the coupons when they expire? This snack shares how our overseas military can use expired coupons to help save money too.

25 Ways I Save

I save a TON using coupons, but there are other ways I save that has helped us baby step our way out of debt!


Several files I personally use that I have created to help you too!

And, definitely check out the Strategies to Save and Strategies to Earn pages where I compile a few other good ones! Oh, and I can't forget about the Coupon Database! Seriously, you will love being able to search for any product to try to find a coupon.

So, again, Welcome! Please stop and read some of these snacks and get yourself nice and full! Like I always say, my snacks contain zero-calories, who else can say that?? :-) If you have any questions at all, please email me direct at andrea @ (remove spaces) or you can just leave a comment in the snack which you have a question.

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