Welcome to the Neighborhood – Inexpensive Gift for New Neighbor

Welcome to the Neighborhood Printable

It is always nice to welcome new neighbors with open arms but not spending a small fortune. Baked goods are always a way to someone’s heart. A unique way is with a goodie bag that lists a few favorites around town. Hopefully helping make their adjustment a bit easier in their new surroundings.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Supplies

  •  Brown Paper Bag
  •  Baked Goods or Treats
  •  Paper
  •  Ribbon

Welcome to the Neighborhood Gifts

  1. Just fill in this Things We Love printable and add the Welcome to the Neighborhood label attach it to a brown bag filled with cookies.
  2. Gift your new neighbor!

Things we Love Printable

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Looking for gifts for neighbors when you move in? Download this Welcome to the Neighborhood printable and include goodies and a list of the things you love!

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