7 Websites that Save you Money on College Textbooks

Websites to Save Money on College Textbooks

Saving money on college textbooks is a goal for students year after year. As a parent with a child going to college soon, it is a goal of mine because textbooks can seem as high as quarterly tuition! The cost of the books is rising so it's even more important to do your research now and find the best price.

Read on to discover six website you can use that will save you money on college textbooks!

Amazon.com College Textbooks

Amazon sells lots of college textbooks at a fraction of the cost from a college bookstore. Plus, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get free two-day shipping on many textbooks. Start your search here, using the ISBN for the textbook to ensure you get the right edition for your college course.


If you don’t need to keep a textbook after the course is over, consider renting with Campus Book Rentals. They have many current textbooks you may need, and you get free shipping when you receive and return the books.

They even allow you to write and highlight important details in the textbooks while you are renting them. If you decide to keep a rented book, you can simply pay Campus Book Rentals the difference and it’s yours!


Chegg allows you to save up to 80% off the cost of a textbook through their rental program. They have a large number of physical books and ebooks that you may need to get through college. Many books offer free 7-day instant access while you wait on the physical copy to arrive.

Rent or Buy Textbooks at eCampus.com


eCampus is the site I have the most experience with as I used it when I was in college. So it's been around a really, really long time! You can buy, rent or sell from eCampus. There is also a generous rewards program where you can earn up to $20 off textbooks. That may not seem like a lot but when you are adding up college expenses, every little bit helps.


This website is owned by eBay, so you will get similar buyer protection. There are many college textbooks available here from previous students or schools. You can purchase the books you need for college, or possibly rent them when the option is available. Renting will typically save you money over buying.


BookFinder lets you compare prices of new and used textbooks across thousands of booksellers. You can search by title and author or by ISBN to ensure you get the right edition for your course. With BookFinder, you may even be able to find out-of-print books that your instructors recommend.


With BookRenter, you have the flexibility to rent textbooks as long as you need them. They offer 5 rental options, ranging from 30 days to 125 days. If you are taking a shorter course, you can save money over renting for a full semester. Shipping is free both ways for orders over $25.

When it comes to college textbooks, it really pays to search for the best prices. If you don’t need to keep a book after the class is over, you will likely save big by simply renting the textbook from one of the options above.

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