We Clapped, We Wooted, and I used my Zippo Lighter App :)


Tuesday night, Mr. MommySnacks and I got to see Yanni Voices. I was super excited because we really enjoy that kinda music. Of course, I was even more excited because I got to hang with cool ladies like Amy, Jenny, Emily, Erin, Carole, Casey and the other Emily (and my contest winners Greg and Carolyn). There were also some super cool husbands who are *kind of* a big deal by association of our #bigdealmoms'ness.


We all met up for dinner before the conert.


Then, we went off to the concert! The talent in the band was AMAZING! The drummer did a 5-minute solo. And, I was so impressed with the Harp – which is not a *heavenly* Harp but is something that is more challenging (said Yanni). The violinists, celloist, guitarist – you name it, the talent is TOP NOTCH!

And, Yanni – well, he looked like he was having some naughty thoughts as he was playing his piano! That must be the passion inside of him :) The *Voices* were awesome too! We saw Ender and Nathan at Blissdom this year, but then we got to meet Chloe (who looks like Hannah Montana) and Leslie. They danced on the piano together. YES, Yanni has thought of it ALL!!!


Jenny also told the Yanni girls to suck in their guts – I think they did pretty good :)

Of course, I used my Zipper Lighter App (for my Iphone). I think Yanni saw it cause he smiled my way….or else he was smiling in the glory that is the Yanni :)

I just had so much fun because of the ladies that I got to go with! Seriously, I feel super blessed to know these gals! The gals below started out our little group we refer to #bigdealmoms on twitter (cause we are all *kind of* a big deal and all :). You never know how you are going to receive someone in real life. Heak, I never know how people who actually know me are gonna receive my crazy personality :)

When we several of us met back in January (yes, I am wearing the same shirt) and February (when the whole *kind of* a big deal was born) before Blissdom, we just instantly clicked! I call it a God thing because that's how natural and loving it felt from day one! We are long past the stage of being BBFF's (Bloggy Best Friends Forever) and now we're IRL BFF's (In Real Life Best Friends Forever).


The Yanni girls, Chloe and Leslie, taught us how to stand so we looked slimmer. We are all practicing our pose :)

I also want to thank One2One Network, Barbara Jones and Arianne for helping coordinate this amazing night for us!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 04, 2009


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