Ways to Save More on Meat Purchases

The following Everyday Savings Tip comes from, James:

We like to prepare home-cooked meals with minimal processed food. Meat can be expensive though. We have two remedies for this

  1. Every two months we order meat from a skills center that teaches butchering. We pay about 50% for the cost since it is reduced due to the school.
  2. We purchase “discounted” meat at the expensive grocery store in town. They discount it way before the expiration date and it is usually fresher than the regular store. Nobody buys it because most people shopping there turn their noses up at the fact that it has been discounted. We purchase meat anywhere from 50%-90% off the normal retail price.

I don't think you should do your regular shopping in the upscale stores, but consider looking around. They will discount things just like every other store. I recently got a great deal on boneless ribeyes – 3 for $8! Their original retail was about $35, and our regular store would of been about $15. It definitely pays to check the markdown areas!

Protein is the biggest expense during mealtime. Here are a few other ways you can save on this budget buster and still feed your family well:

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What other ways do you save on meat/protein for your meals?
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  1. How do you find out about a skills center that teaches butchering in your area?

  2. So, what would store would be consider upscale in the Cincy area??

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