Ways to Save Money

Meal Planning Ideas: Plan then Shop

These meal planning ideas are great for budget meal planning or just if you want to create an easy weekly meal plan. We have several posts that review how to meal plan sharing two different menu planning principles. These are the same principles that I share in the classes I teach on Menu Planning. Now, when…

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6 Simple Ways to Save Money

  How to save money – it’s on everyone’s list especially at the beginning of the year. This list of ways to save is realistic enough that you can try each one and see real savings. Even if you save $20 a week by trying one idea, that’s $1,040 a year! Put that in a…

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Dollar Store Christmas Ideas

Christmas is such a beautiful, joyous holiday. The sparkling lights, scents of pine and cinnamon in the air, and laughter as your family sits huddled in the living in room are all just a few of the things that make Christmas so magical. While Christmas is usually full of smiles, it can leave quite a…

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