Ways to Give Back Year Round

With Coke's Arctic Home Program, I have shared how you can get involved and give to helping preserve the Arctic habitat.  Just yesterday I texted a code from our Coke 12-pack to 357357 and donated $1 to the Arctic Home Campaign. You can also visit ArcticHome.com to find other ways to donate as well. I get to enter the code in My Coke Rewards and earn – or donate – even more!

While the Arctic Home Program is absolutely a worth cause to give to, there are many ways you can become involved for projects that are important for you. Some cost money, others just take your time. Here are a few ways you can give beyond Christmas.


Whether it's a young student or new graduate, providing mentoring to someone who needs an experienced person to help coach them is an easy way to give back. It doesn't cost you a dime and it's investing in the future for all of us.

Volunteering at School

I haven't been able to volunteer at school near as much as I used to. I still try to help in ways I can by doing stuff at home. Whether it's cooking up meals for the teacher's conference day or doing data entry for a teacher to get her book list leveled appropriately. There are many ways to help out and give back to our teachers.

Serving in the Community

Find an organization that is near and dear to you and see how you can serve. There are many shelters that need folks to just organize donations. Or, perhaps you will help provide a hot meal to someone who needs it. You could pick one night a month and make it a family night to serve even. I believe our kids need to see me be the example and this would get them involved in it as well.

Using Your Talents

Who knew that educating people on how to use coupons was a talent. It's certainly not one I would have raised my hand about in a crowd until I started this site. Whether I think it's an amazing talent or not, being able to purchase items for free or drastically reduced is a talent. This can help feed families. Doing this can help change others' lives by teaching them as well.

Find what you are good at…if it's making nutritious meals, offer your talents to the local WIC program to teach mothers how to stretch their mealtime budgets even farther. If you are really good at graphic design, maybe you could help a non-profit with design materials. There is something you excel! Just tell me what you do and I'll give you ideas!

Sponsor a Child

Obviously you know how important this one is to our family. We have several children we sponsor. After visiting the DR last year with World Vision, I can tell you that this is more of a gift for us than the children we sponsor. Perhaps Child sponsorship isn't within your budget, there are gifts you can purchase for families to help them live a better life.

Donating Points

If you are a member of My Coke Rewards, then you know that you can donate your points throughout the year. You can also donate points specifically for the Arctic Home Program too!

Referral Programs

Many sites will offer referral benefits if you have a friend sign up and make a purchase. Sometimes there are options to donate to a cause rather than receive a check. It's an easy way to share something you already love with a friend and help support something that is important to you!

Create a Fundraising Campaign

Again, I'm online and have a presence to help create visibility to campaigns. But, if you're on Facebook you can create a fundraising campaign that will go viral! Since I love All You Magazine, I use a special link to help raise funds for causes.

When the magazine price is the lowest through the fundraising link, I will mention them. If you purchase through the links, a non-profit receives the funds (I have switched them out over the years). Right now, it is still going to my younger sister's adult care facility (through this link here).

Some other miscellaneous ideas to raise money, give back and do your part:

  • Hold a Car Wash
  • Do a Bake Sale
  • Conduct an Auction
  • Hold a Charity Yard Sale

Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to spread your message. Make a video on YouTube and share it – maybe it will go viral. Your message and passion has the potential to be seen by thousands who may have never known about your desire to give before.

How else do you give back and pay it forward throughout the year?

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this post. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of Coca-Cola. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

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