Ways to Enjoy a Frugal Date Night

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Date night does not have to break the bank every time you go. In fact, some of the best ideas cost little to nothing. You can incorporate several of these to enjoy a long night, or just one when you are short on time. Here are some ideas to try the next time you find yourself short on cash:

Take in a Matinee

Matinee movies are up to half of the cost of a late-night showing. You can also find low-cost theaters in most major cities that offer movies that are a bit older, but still relatively new for a fraction of the price. You can grab some coffee or ice cream after to complete evening and discuss the movie you just saw. If you're like us, you will appreciate the non-crowded theater during the day too :)

Home Improvement Clinics

If you want to get creative and handy together, hit up your local home improvement store. Many of these offer free DIY clinics where you will learn how to do things like paint walls, grout tiles or fix squeaky stairs. This can be interesting and if nothing else, you walk away knowing a new skill. Certainly this will not fly with all men or women so be sure to consider that ahead of time.


Many museums have days where admission to the general areas (excluding special exhibits) are free. If your museums do not have this, you can always go to the cheaper museums. Art and health museums tend to be pretty inexpensive even at full price. You can also try botanical gardens during the warmer months if you prefer nature, but still want a place where you can learn and expand your mind.

Game Night

Board games are a favorite American pastime and for good reason. You can grab a few games, order some inexpensive take out and make a few signature cocktails for the two of you. If the weather is nice, take your date outside, lay out a blanket and make it a picnic-type of game night. On a cold night, enjoy game night in front of a crackling fireplace.

Get Lost

If you have a little heart for adventure, fill up the gas tank, pick a direction and go. You can stop somewhere that interests you and just stroll around the city. If you are new to the city you are currently living in, just walk outside and explore. This is a great way to not only get to know your mate, but a new place too. You can take pictures to create new memories and stop for some coffee or a quick lunch if you have a few extra bucks.

Spend a little time getting creative and you will be shocked at how many things you can do for free. For some people, searching these things out is half the fun.

What has been your most creative, frugal date night?

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