Updated Grocery and Sale Shopping Lists Format

Weekly Grocery Sales

We have been rolling out some new and exciting changes as it relates to the grocery and sale shopping lists. Many of you have already noticed, but there are a few final changes that occurred today so I wanted to do this post and give you a full update.

Dedicated Sale Shopping Page

We will now have a dedicated page where you can find all grocery lists we cover in one click. This has been a complaint from readers before and we are now making that change. You can find the deals by clicking on the Sale Shopping Tab in the navigation bar directly.

Grocery Sale Print List Popup

Customizable Shopping Checklist Makeover

Each list will now have a new/different look when you create your customizable shopping list for each store. As you add items to your list, they are automatically added to your personal list in the right hand side. You can easily add additional items for separate stores too for better organization.

Grocery Sale Checklist and Share View

New Icons

Lots of you have asked about this one! This is another way we hope to make it easier to glance at a list and know what to get.

The gold star means it is a Top Deal which is something we deem as an item you will want to purchase or stockpile this week since the price is fabulous.

The green keyhole means it is an Unadvertised Deal. These are the items that are NOT in the weekly circular. People are visiting the store each week to find these types of deals for you.

The lists can be even better if you comment on the weekly store sale posts or comment on our Facebook page to share what you find too!

List Icons and Descriptions

Expandable Shopping List View

The previous shopping list only added the item to your list. This list will allow you to add the item AND expand the view so you can print the coupons right from your list! I love this feature since I don't have to open a new page to print the list.

Expanded List View

Socialize or Share Shopping Lists

You can now also more easily socialize, share or email lists with the buttons at the top of the list. Whatever you choose to email will be exactly whatever is on your list. I know a lot of folks who are suggesting items for everyone each week, and this will be a great way to share the lists for exactly what they should buy! And, hey, you can always email your spouse to help with shopping that week too :)

Email Grocery List

As you have seen, each week we will continue to highlight the absolute BEST deals from each store and share those in a post on the blog.  The full lists will also have highlighted items to draw your attention to that we deem are stock-worthy or great buys. We will continue to add all unadvertised deals to each list and note those items so you know what those “secret sales” are before you shop. Now you have the eye-catching icons to help with knowing what to get.

Don't forget to download the Grocery Shopping App
to get the same information as you are out and about!

I hope you enjoy these new changes. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback so we can improve this tool, and the many others we offer on the site!

If for some reason you do not see some of these updates, it's possible that you will need to refresh your page cache. It's simple to do:

  • Mac Computers: Hit the Ctrl+Shift+R at the same time
  • Windows Computers: Hit the Ctrl+F5 at the same time


  1. Karen on January 29, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    *LOVE* the gold star. That is a *HUGE* time saver. I have a small family stockpile, so I pretty much just buy perishables and the “deals” any given week. This makes it a lot easier to quickly scan and know what to focus on…..THANK YOU!

  2. Ruthie Pople on January 29, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Loving your blog thank you so much – Ruthie Pople

  3. Jaime on January 30, 2013 at 8:14 am

    Love all the new changes! Thank you for all you do with your site and helping us!

  4. Jackie on January 30, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for the updates! I love the gold star! You have saved our family so much money over the years. I really am grateful for all of your hard work!

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