Unique Places to Find Cheap Wine Glasses

Can you see the aging in this glass of red wine? It was a young ‘un! :)

The following Best Savings Tip comes from reader, Heather:

My best savings tip is to save on wine glasses by shopping at Goodwill. I've been amazed at their extensive selection of wine glasses. There are frequently (glass) sets and you can find all kinds of high end glasses (like from Crate & Barrel or Macy's) for 99 cents each.  I've put together a fantastic wine glass and bar wear collection from shopping there. And the best part is, if one breaks during a party, there is no reason to get upset since it was a 99 cent purchase.

So many people own wine glasses that they always end up having a good stock. It's also funny how friends will say things like “I love the handblown or crystal pink glass wine glass -where did you find such a cool piece?!?” and I'll just shrug and say I think I got it in NY. The secret that they love my high end style, but I paid low end prices always makes me smile.

This is a fantastic idea! I am looking for more home items at Goodwill and Thrift Stores and never thought to look for wine glasses honestly!

If you want a fun site to learn more about wine, check out Vine Sleuth. The above picture was from an event I attended last night hosted by Amy, the site's author. We learned all about wine and even how to find a great wine that tastes great but doesn't cost a lot!

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  1. Cheap Sally on July 15, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Great tip! I, too, never thought of checking out Goodwill for wine glasses but will definitely start. Red wine is my vice!

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