{Tip} Find Savings, Coupons and Deals in Email Newsletters

Are you a Walmart email newsletter subscriber? If you are, you saw that they sent out the Black Friday ads to all subscribers. While some sites may obtain the information in scrupulous ways, Walmart just sent it to all of their customers who are subscribed to receive emails. The same goes for many other email newsletter subscribers.

I mention the free Savings Lifestyle email newsletter (several different email options to choose from). We send the daily email out around 5 PM each day to ensure we got the majority of the hot deals. However, there are always deals that go really fast which is why we encourage you to “like” our Facebook page and visit regularly. Sometimes the really awesome deals are gone in a flash!

P.S., don't forget to share your best holiday finds and deals with us. We're giving away $50 each week for everyone who shares awesome deals with others!

If you are unable to view the video, please click through to see the post on the site. Videos will not come across through the email newsletters.

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