Top 5 Tips to Request Freebies


I love opening my mailbox to discover a new Freebie I requested weeks prior has now arrived. It’s like getting a present! But, another side to requesting freebies are spam and junk that could potentially fill your mailbox – and inbox – instead of the great legitimate products.

I do my absolute best to ensure the freebie and sample requests are legitimate. There are so many I pass on sharing with you because they are questionable. And, some that were questionable ended up being legitimate after all. I tend to err with more caution because I don’t want junk of any sort and I’m guessing you don’t either.

When you are requesting freebies and samples online, there are a few tips to consider to safely request freebies. I receive very little personal junk mail by following using these suggestions.

Email Address

Open an alternate email address. I have two email addresses. One is for personal/blog related correspondence. The other is for freebies and online offers. This is imperative to ensure that your inbox isn’t filled up with spam. The only time I would use my personal email address for a freebie is if it is for a newsletter that I don’t want to miss. I don’t typically check my freebie/online offer email address daily so if a newsletter is important enough for me to see when it first publishes, I may choose my personal email address.

100% Free

Only request freebies that are 100% free! Some offers may suggest you sign up for trials to receive the freebie or sample. That is a freebie with a requirement. Others I have seen also request a call or interview to ask questions about their product. That is a freebie requiring your time. Those items are not worth my time, so I wouldn’t suggest them for you either.

Personal Information

Only share what you feel is necessary for the freebie. If you are requesting a sample of a product, they will need your address. As I mentioned above, I try my best to ensure all offers I share are legitimate. If you find the freebie on a another site, always ensure that the requested information is necessary.

I NEVER share my personal information like SSN or Birth Date. EVER. I would suggest you not do that either. If they do request a birth date for verification of age (most freebies have an age requirement), then I put in a generic birth date. This is always the same for any freebie I request in case it is also part of a password verification request.

Additional Requirements

Generally companies can offer a generous freebie because sponsors will advertise on pages leading up to the *actual* freebie request form. I’m sure you have seen these requests on some past request forms. These are legitimate freebies, but the companies are hoping you also find interest in the other advertisements mentioned.

On these few screens before getting to your freebie information page, always choose to “pass” on selecting additional offers unless you are genuinely interested in receiving more information. If you do not check that on those pages, you may receive unwanted material along with your freebie.

If for some reason you find yourself on a telemarketer phone list, complete your information on the National Do Not Call Registry. Also, kindly request the solicitor remove your name from their database.

Facebook or Twitter Freebies

Companies have been offering freebies via Facebook and Twitter. This is another great way to obtain free samples and stay up to date with company information. However, you typically cannot create a second account for influxes of emails that may come along with that freebie request. A $4 coupon isn’t worth continuous spam in your personal account in my opinion.

If you find that a company begins to send multiple DM’s or Private Messages, simply unfollow or remove yourself as a Fan. In Twitter, select “Unfollow” to remove the tweets from your twitter stream. In Facebook, visit the Fan Page and scroll down to the bottom. On the left side, click on “Remove me from Fans” and you will no longer see updates on your Facebook Wall.

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