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In the last part of the series on the value of store benefits and promotions, I shared about the benefits of a loyalty card. Since we're just out of the Christmas season, we were able to get $1 off a gallon of gas thanks to the Kroger promotion! It definitely helped us save even more by doing the majority of our shopping at Kroger last month!

I'm sure I don't have to convince you that saving money using coupons makes sense. Not only do manufacturers offer the coupons now, but many many grocery stores will send out coupons to customers. Some of these coupons are available via an eCoupon saving, a store Printable Coupon, or a Store Coupon sent via Home Mailer.

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Kroger is a store I shop frequently that also sends out store coupons to customers. I registered online (many moons ago) and am on the mailing list to receive store coupons via the home mailer.  When you register, you are also asked for your Kroger Plus card to attach to your online account. This tracks your purchases which allows the store to send you customized coupons or savings that you will actually use!

The coupons you receive will vary. Sometimes they are additional manufacturer coupons which you can use anywhere. Or, they will send store coupons valid for specific products, or even a $/$$ purchase. I get those a lot for meat, produce and bakery purchases. I love these coupons because there are rarely coupons available for meat and produce so it's a nice benefit.

The only drawback on the store coupons is that it seems the less you spend at the store, the fewer good coupons you receive as well.  The DISadvantage of shopping with coupons, I guess :)

Find many Store Coupons in the Coupon Database!

Discussing the value of store coupons is the last topic from the Value of Store Benefits + Promotions. I hope this encourages you to  NOT hit every store for every deal if you don't want. Rather, you can be be focused about shopping at one store that offers great store rewards. This approach is what I've used since I've been shopping and saving using coupons! It allows me to save just as much and find ways to stockpile more than by going around to several stores!

Use less of your time. Save more of your money! I'll take it!

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